June 16th, 2011
15.5 Pounds–Gone In Sixty Seconds

Okay, the last part of that header is wishful thinking on my part. It has taken me MONTHS to lose 15.5 pounds. Almost five to be exact. Yes, I lose weight at a snail’s pace. Believe me, I know. I see all these authors who’ve lost a 100 pounds in 9 months to a year and it bums me out. I don’t have a hundred pounds to lose–never did, but I have enough that it’s going to take me well over a year (at this rate) to hit my goal weight. If I was dieting, the weight might come off quicker, but frankly diets have never worked for me. EVER. This is the most weight I’ve ever lost without starvation tactics. For those curious, I’ve mentioned it before, but dh and I started eating off smaller plates a few months back. We are not slave drivers about the plates. If we happen to need a bigger plate for something, we use it and don’t beat ourselves up over it. I make the same dinners I’ve always made (ie meatloaf, chicken, fish, soup, etc.), but we try not to have a lot of potatoes or bread. In fact, other than one lonely slice of gluten free bread in the freezer, we don’t have bread in the house. If we’re craving bread, I’ll go out and buy some, but we won’t keep it for long. I do have potatoes, again, in case there are any cravings. We try to avoid those and most of the time don’t have them in the house either. I do keep sweet potatoes in the house because they’re better for you. We also have spinach and berry protein shakes for breakfast. It’s strange how quickly those have become a habit. (Probably because we love them so much.) I drink 64 fl oz. of water a day, but I really like water, so that’s not a hardship for me. Oh, and we exercise 4-6 days a week. You thought I wasn’t going to mention the dreaded ‘E’ word, didn’t you? Four days of exercise a week is okay, but normally a bad week for us. Five is average and six is a good week. I’m not a fan of exercise. I don’t mind ‘fun’ activities, but exercise in general bores me to tears. I do it anyway. I like the mental clarity it gives me. I couldn’t do it if it was only to get into shape. I need more of a reason. Right now, I’m only exercising 30 minutes a day. Not great, but better than nothing. I need to get that time up and I think I just figured out how. I’m going to break the exercise up into two sessions. I’ll let you know if it works.

Now after all this talk of exercise and plate sizes, I’m going to get ready to go grocery shopping. *ggg 😉

6 comments to “15.5 Pounds–Gone In Sixty Seconds”

  1. Slow is sustainable, so good for you. And diets don’t work for anybody long-term. Lifestyle change does. Sounds like you’ve found the changes that work for you guys! I’m a fan of the daily protein/berry smoothie myself, and as much walking and yoga as I can fit in to my week.

  2. Charli, We give ourselves a free day a week and don’t beat ourselves up if it spill into another day, but then we’re right back on our small plate eating routine.

    Love yoga and walking. If it wasn’t so hot, I’d do the latter.

  3. Your steady loss is just the way to do it without ever going back. Congratulations. You haven’t mentioned how your husband is doing on the new regimen though. Better or worse than you? Better, I’m betting because us guys have an easier time of it. 🙂

    The unfortunate part for those who don’t much like exercise is that in order to maintain the loss, the exercise routine needs to stay. I passed my eighth month without gain back but I still do four days a week. Splitting your times up is a good idea. I do part at the shop in the day and part at night.

  4. Bernard, Thanks! Yep, dh has lost way more than me (ie a little over 23lbs last I checked). It’s unfair on so many fronts. *ggg

    Yeah, we’re trying to follow the ‘Younger Next Year’ book when it comes to exercise. We aren’t up to their time, but we’re getting there. I agree that splitting the exercise up is about the only way to go. Like I said, I HATE it, but I still do it. It was so much easier when I just had to work on the farm. 😉

  5. YAY, Jordan! I’m so happy that you’re moving int he right direction. It doesn’t matter if it’s slow, in fact, it”s better, because it’ll stick!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sasha, Thanks! Yes, I’m happy with the direction it’s going on. It’ll mean a lot to me when I hit the first 20 lb loss because I’ve never done it before. I’m sure it’ll take at least another month, but oh well. I’m excited to get there because the 20 lbs after that will mean an entire wardrobe change. 😀