June 20th, 2011
Changes Ahead

I had a long talk with dh this weekend. It was a good talk because it put quite a few things into perspective for me. As many of you know, I launched another pen name to handle my urban fantasy work and my YA work. Along with the pen name, I created a crude website. I don’t visit the other site often, which is bad given that there’s a blog on it. I was trying to keep the work separate from my romance novels. I feel like I’ve confused readers enough. Plus, I don’t want my erotic romance work crossing paths with my young adult work. Anyhow, what I realized after the discussion was that the only work I really need to keep separate is the YA stories. So with that said, starting this week I will be slowly making changes to this site and my other site to accommodate the new structure. Hopefully those of you who’ve enjoyed my work to date will also enjoy my non-romance novels. Some of you have already found them–thanks for picking them up. 🙂 I plan to change the name on the cover/s and bring them over to this site. I’m removing the blog from the other site. Until I’ve sold one of my YA books, there’s no point in having it. I will keep the site itself up because I think it’s important to have a web presence and because I still have a book on the site. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

4 comments to “Changes Ahead”

  1. Would love to know your non-romance pen name, please 🙂

  2. Tez, I’ll be releasing the novel under my name now. I’m getting it changed over. Should be up within a day or so. 🙂

  3. I think this is a good idea. : ) And not just because it makes it easier to find all your books!

  4. Thanks Charli! The more I thought about it, the more I could see the logic in the decision. So that’s what I’m working on doing now. It will make life easier for me.