July 18th, 2011
New Day, New Work Schedule

It has come to my attention that I might have a problem with time management. I haven’t been getting the work done that I’d like to get done and much of it was because of how I managed my days. (Nobody likes to hear that they have a problem. *g) Anyway, I went out to the local Office Max and bought a clipboard. (You know, to make things official.) Dh sent me a task sheet that I could print out. The idea is to put a reasonable amount of tasks on the sheet and try to do those tasks EVERY day. The key is not to load your list down. You put a hundred things on the list and you’re never going to get done. With that in mind, I put six things on the list and today the list handed me my arse like a T-ball player batting against Randy Johnson. Technically, it shouldn’t have. Technically, I should’ve been able to get everything done easily within five hours. The tasks were achievable, but for some reason I struggled to complete them, which in turn means that I never even made it to my actual ‘To Do’ list. 🙁

I think it’s just a matter of adjusting time limits or me getting ‘used to’ the new schedule. Also, one of the items will eventually be removed (ie research the new YA book I’m about to write)…if the &$%# story ever comes to me. Right now it’s teasing me in the way that a fifth grade class might if I say wet my pants in front of them. Yeah, it’s that pleasant. That said, I am determined to win this battle. Both battles actually, since I truly do believe I desperately need a schedule in order to be productive. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

In other news, I see that Borders is about to truly go bye, bye. I find it sad mainly because Waldenbooks was such a good bookstore and was destroyed by Border’s purchase. Of course that also means that authors will have one less location to sell their books. Cha-Ching…SUCKS!

4 comments to “New Day, New Work Schedule”

  1. Jordan, you never fail to make me smile! Time management…ah, the bane of us all! and yes it’s sad Borders is going, but was worse for me too when Walden passed. I used to buy most of my books there, and loved the genre fiction sections. I could always find something new, something different or off the beaten path at Waldens and when it went, I was pretty mad. I’ve only slowly warmed to Barnes and Nobles, which is weird as I’ originally from NYC and they were ‘big’ in the city. But there were a ton of other places to shop, that were more fun, lesss stuffy. We did have a decent borders for a while but once they had troubles, that one closed and all the cool staff were cut loose (there were a little to unusual and alternative lifestyle I guess for the Mall store to take), the new borders suffered from mess, identity crisis, and surly staff who basically did not read but looked good behind the counter. Sad. Changing landscapes are weird. I hope we don’t lose stores all together, even tho I love shopping Amazon, we try to spread the cash as much as possible.

  2. I’m sad about Borders, too. And Waldenbooks.

    Time management is a challenge. I like PBW’s recent post on figuring out daily writing tasks and scheduling them. My husband swears by Getting Things Done. I just make lists and try to do the most important things.

  3. Ursula, I felt the same way about Walden’s. It was such a great bookstore. Right now I’m praying that whoever ends up buying Barnes and Noble doesn’t shut it down. That’s the only bookstore by me. If it goes, then I’ll be doing all my shopping at Amazon, which is fine, but I really do like to browse. I don’t want them all to go because even though I’m a big ereader I still buy a lot of paperbacks and hardbacks by my keeper authors.

  4. Charli, Yeah, it’s definitely the end and a new beginning in the publishing industry.

    Yes, I’m finding it to be. I am definitely fighting the schedule, even though it’s already made me more productive, so go figure. Yes, Getting Things Done is good. I’ve been following PBW’s posts, too. Great stuff as always. Just seeing how I can incorporate it. 🙂