July 20th, 2011
Stories Have A Mind Of Their Own

I officially got my rights back on the Phantom Warriors yesterday. WOO HOO!!! So excited because I have a third story started. Will get them up on Kindle, Nook and everywhere else as soon as possible. Now I just have to go around the net and have them removed from the previous publisher. Yay, fun times. Not!

So yesterday dh and I were brainstorming my new YA fantasy. I’d been researching Norse mythology, when suddenly the story took a right at Albuquerque and just kept going. Meep! Meep! I’ve rarely had a story do such an abrupt change of direction, but this one sure did. I still have the whiplash to prove it. We came up with a lot of interesting ideas. (Mainly dh did, but muggins here has to write it.) There are a few key points that are missing, but it looks like it’s going to be a MASSIVE world with some pretty interesting story elements. No, I’m not going to tell you what because that would ruin the surprise. (evil grin)

I also started edited the YA I finished last year. That’s been an interesting experience for a couple of reasons: One, because I let the story sit for six months, so I could see it with fresh eyes and two, because the edits seem to be changing my main character’s overall tone. The latter is really weird, but I’m going to roll with it and see what I have when I’m done.

Yesterday, I also finished writing the synopsis for my urban fantasy romance partial. It actually came out longer than my usual synopses. Seven pages to be exact. I’m sure I’ll cut it down if I ever send it out, but it’s nice to have it done.

Well, I’d better get going if I want to get my word count, exercise, and craft studying in. I love my new schedule. I love my new schedule. I love my new schedule. I figure if I keep repeating it enough times it’ll actually become true.

6 comments to “Stories Have A Mind Of Their Own”

  1. Sounds like lots of cool stuff on your plate 🙂

    So does chanting “I love my new schedule” work? Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong, LOL

  2. Sherri, Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Just need to keep all the plates spinning in the air. *ggg

    Not so much, but I’m going to keep at it. 😉

  3. Good times when the ideas flow. It makes up for the ‘what the hell am I doing’ days. 🙂

  4. Bernard, LOL! So very true. 🙂

  5. Schedule seems to be working! Rah for Phantom Warriors, editing, new YA progress, and your done proposal! Maybe schedule love will grow over time. *g*

  6. Thank you, Charli! It does seem to be working some. Even though I’ve yet to following it exactly, I’m still getting more done than I was before.