August 17th, 2011
Rolling In The Deep

Doing these edits for my YA has really brought a lot of things about the business of publishing to the forefront for me. Although I’m by no means making a ton of money in self-publishing my backlist, I don’t think it’s financially feasible for me to sell anymore romances to N.Y. (Harlequin being the only exception.) One, I don’t think I’d get a big enough advance to make it worth my while and two, given the lovely distribution problem happening, it could do more harm than good. (i.e. lack of distribution means sales drops, which in turn means no more Jordan Summers’ books)

So what does this all mean? It means that I’m only taking my young adult and urban fantasy titles to N.Y. If I can’t sell them, then I’ll self-publish them. It also means that my list of agents/agencies will change some. If I’m no longer looking for an agent to represent my romance work, then I can add quite a few new agencies to the list and remove several others. Once this book is edited, I have no idea if I’ll be able to find an agent. Like the publishers, a lot of them are hurting and aren’t interested in taking on new authors who are firmly entrenched in the midlist. (And yes, in this case, I would be considered a new author since I haven’t published in YA yet.) I’ve been hearing horror stories from well-established authors who’ve sold steadily about how agents/agencies aren’t interested in them because they aren’t ‘bestsellers’. So I have no doubt the search will be a trial by fire. Luckily, after three agents, my body is covered in dragon scales and I always carry an extinguisher. 😉

2 comments to “Rolling In The Deep”

  1. That’s the spirit! Definitely hard times ahead for publishing anything with very few exceptions I’m afraid. As long as the E-book/Kindle paradigm is being hashed out, it’s going to be really rough.

  2. Bernard, I agree. It’s in for a very rough ride. I do think it’s possible to make it in N.Y. I just think the stars have to be aligned and you really have to have major support from the publisher. I just don’t see that happening with a romance novel/series. Thriller, yes. Suspense, yes. YA, yes. Contemporary, yes. Literary, yes. Everything else, not so much.