August 24th, 2011
Technical Difficulties

Sorry about the technical difficulties happening here at the site. I haven’t been able to access my site since last night around 10:00pm. We’re hoping to get everything straightened out soon.

Yesterday, I released Atlantean’s Quest 4: The Return. Sadly, I think I forgot to put the blurb up on Amazon, so I’ll have to go back in when it allows me access and update it. Doh! That’s what I get for trying to speak with dh on the phone while uploading manuscripts. *ggg

Today I went to see Fright Night with a friend. It was as entertaining as I’d hoped it would be. Not quite Lost Boys, but very close. Lots of great lines. Made me chuckle. If you like fun, snarky, witty, creepy vampire movies, Fright Night is for you. Colin F. and David T. definitely steal the movie. I still haven’t caught Rise of the Apes. Hopefully this weekend. I haven’t decided whether I’ll go see Conan. I’m really tempted because I like Jason Mamoa.

Work is chugging along. Not as fast as I’d like, but is it ever? I have three more novellas to put up, then I’ll be officially done with my backlist and a few of the projects I’ve had laying around in my drawers. (Yes, I still have a few more things in files that may or may not see the light of day. I haven’t quite decided.) My focus at present is to finish editing my YA, which is the first book in a series, and start the new YA series that I’m excited about. That should keep me plenty busy for the rest of the year. 🙂

What do you want to get done this year?

6 comments to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. I can’t believe you even have to ponder to see or not see Conan. Man with muscles! Rowr!

    Rah for getting things done. I have a pile of things to get done a mile high before the end of the year, but I truly believe once kids are off to school I can eat that frog. Come on, September.

  2. Charli, LOL! It’s actually whether I can get dh to go with me. If not, maybe I can get my friend that goes to the movies with me. She appreciated Conan’s finer points after I showed her the previews. *ggg

    Thanks! I’m pushing through. I will have these edits done by the end of September. We’ll see what’s left of the book after that.

  3. Awesome J!

    I have 5 projects to get out before Dec. 3 are new work, 2 are previously pubbed stuff.

  4. Hey V,


    Yeah, I have no doubt I’ll get my backlist up and selling within the next month or so. I need the last of my covers from Frauke before I can proceed.

    The YA stuff will be sent off to N.Y. to languish on some massive slush pile. LOL!

  5. Thanks for the Fright Night review. I’m going to stick with a modest goal of finishing the YA I’m writing now and get the next WIP started.

  6. Bernard, It was a really fun movie. Definitely worth seeing. 🙂

    Those are good goals. I plan to finish a rough draft of my next YA and complete the edits on the finished YA. If I have time beyond that, I’m starting the adult urban fantasy.

    Next year I’ll write a few shorts to release via ebook.