October 4th, 2011

Yesterday, I finished the edits on HOT SHOT. HOT SHOT is an original story I wrote several years ago that was intended as a follow up to Private Investigations in the Wicked Women On Top anthology. It was also the last of my backlist that I wanted to get up. (I actually have one completed contemporary novel and a very long 200 and something page partial paranormal romance sitting in my files, but it’ll be a while before I get to them.) I won’t be working on anything else, but my Young Adult from now until I leave for the Novelist Inc. Conference. I am praying that I can get the edits on it finished.

I also signed up for Berlitz German language lessons. I have family living in Germany, which means we’ll be going there a lot to visit. Frankly, the last time we went was really embarrassing because we couldn’t communicate at all without the help of our family. It was okay at first, but got OLD really quick. We vowed never to be in that position again. I don’t expect to be fluent by the time the classes end, but if I can communicate like a little kid I will be happy. Fluency will come as I speak more and more German. Until then, it’ll be painful to watch and listen to. Not to mention the years of Spanish I took. That should really be helpful when it comes to scrambling my brain. LOL!

Since leaving my old agent, I’ve been slowly building a list of agents to query. I’ve been fortunate to have several online friends who’ve helped shape the list by sharing their knowledge. I finally have my top five narrowed down. It’s been really hard to do given how many names have shifted due to the nature of the industry lately. I am hoping that these names stay the same. I have to admit it got easier, when I took romance out of the equation. It also changed several names on the list. I don’t know if querying agents is the right thing to do now. I’ll probably have a better idea once I finish the edits on my young adult book. Until then, querying is a lot like daydreaming, it’s only happening in my mind. *g

4 comments to “GERMAN, EDITS, & AGENTS”

  1. Good for you on German! I never retained more than a handful of words despite many German speakers in the family. Being in the country should really help you build fluency. : )

  2. I’m horrible with languages. My Mom couldn’t even teach me ‘Pig Latin’. 🙂 I’ll sure be interested in how you do with your agent search. I’m really enjoying ‘Solomon’s Seals’. You can tell because I’m not speed reading it. 🙂

  3. Charli, My mom grew up with German speakers in the family, but by the time I came around the language was gone. I’m sure being in a couple of German speaking countries will help, not to mention going over there regularly. 🙂

  4. LOL Bernard! I was never good at Pig Latin either. Snort. As for languages, I don’t really know if I’m bad or good, since I’ve never gotten the opportunity to truly focus on any one language before. This is going to be a much different experience than I’ve had in the past, since the class is conducted in German. Should make all the difference.

    Yeah, the agent search should be interesting. I have my top names. We’ll see if they like my ‘new’ work.

    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying Solomon’s Seals. To date, it’s been my favorite adult book to write. 🙂