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Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
Top Five, Top Four, Top Three…Is There Anyone Left?

Over the past year I’ve been gathering names of agents to query. I am no longer looking for an agent to represent my adult work. I fully expect this to be a problem when I begin the query process, but I didn’t want it to stop me from preparing the YA. Well, I’m down to the last few steps, which means that soon (if I still want to sell my young adult to N.Y.) I am going to have to start querying.

My list of agents/agencies has been fluid since it started. Every time I think I have the top five/ten nailed down, I hear something about one of the agencies that freaks me out. Unfortunately, it happened again yesterday with my number two choice. &$#@ I know there was no guarantee that this particular agent would be interested in my YA, but it’s getting disheartening that people are being wiped off the list or dropped WAY lower before I even get the chance to query them.

I’m beginning to wonder if I should bother querying anyone this year (even though the book is done) or just let it be until next year. Wish I had the answer.

Anybody have a magic eightball?