May 22nd, 2012
Fighting My Way Through

Linx is chugging along. It’s going slower now, which is frustrating given that I’ve already charted out the book. Brain needs to kick into gear. I have a few more queries to send out for my YA, then I’m done. I plan to get them out this week. We’ll see what happens. The good thing is I can always self-publish the book, which was not an option three years ago, so all is not lost if the queries don’t work out.

I’m trying to gear up for ComiCon, which starts this weekend. I have to find my giveaway items–or go buy some…or both. After that, then it’ll be time to finish Linx and publish it. I’m going to work on the paperbacks once he’s done. I want to get several of them together and available, especially now that Createspace/Amazon is selling them worldwide.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

11 comments to “Fighting My Way Through”

  1. VERY busy. But good for you. Hang in there with Linx, he sounds really fun.

  2. Charli, Yep, really busy right now. I know you are, too. Linx will be fun when he’s done. I definitely like the character.

  3. It does make querying less painful when a market is available outside of the mainstream that can be tapped into on your own.

  4. Bernard, Yes, it does. BTW, who has your query? I can’t remember if you ever said.

  5. I try not to mention names, but I don’t care any more. It’s Marilyn Allen. I’m so pumped with this partnership with RJ, the query stuff has taken a backseat. She has ignored three very polite follow-up e-mails simply inquiring if she received the manuscript. It’s the next one I’m sending to RJ. If he likes it, the next e-mail to Ms. Allen for her to ignore will be see ‘ya. I hope you have better luck, Jordan, but as you posted it sure makes a difference with the self-publishing option… a BIG difference.

  6. Bernard, I understand not wanting to mention names. I’ve never heard of her, but there are a lot of agents out there that I’ve never heard of. I have one more query to put together, then I’ve sent out all the queries I plan to send. My list was fairly short given this isn’t my first rodeo.

    I’m glad you’re happy with the deal you’ve struck with RJ. I hope it works out for you both. He seems like a really good guy.

    Yes, the self-publishing option does shake up the game a bit. 🙂

  7. Bernard, I just looked Marilyn Allen up. She doesn’t look like she represents much work like yours. Did you query her for urban fantasy or your suspense?

  8. I queried her through QueryTracker where she had expressed interest in YA paranormal. I read her outline on AgentQuery, and I thought maybe because of the hard times she had decided to branch out.

    Since she knew through my query that DEMON was a YA paranormal, including hook and synopsis, when she asked me to send her a hard copy of the manuscript, I sent it. There wasn’t any mistake. I still have her e-mails saved because I’ve learned from past experience with Wild Child Publishing that agents, editors, and publishing houses will conveniently forget everything they ever mentioned to an author.

    Hey, I’m not bitter about it. Live and learn. What I can’t understand is why she didn’t just shoot me a simple ‘not for me’ note in answer to my e-mails. Then again, it won’t matter soon because I’m going down a different path. 🙂

  9. Bernard, I didn’t mean to imply that you made a mistake. You didn’t. The reason I brought up the lack of YA on her website is because it struck me as odd. YA is a specialty market. Some editors in publishing houses overlap, but many do not. So you have to have connections/contact with those particular editors. When you don’t, you find yourself with an agent who sends your work to the wrong people. (Been there. Done that. Bought the T-shirt.)

    These days it takes six to twelve weeks to hear back on a full. Some agents don’t send rejections, but most do on a full request.

    I’m sure you’ll be much happier going the RJ route, but if you ever decide to query in the future let me know and I’ll try to help. 🙂

  10. I didn’t take it that way. I meant I did check out her on-line presence. You thought the same thing I did when I read her non-fiction penchant. Anyway… thank you. I’ll just add DEMON and the sequel on to our publishing plan. I think we’re going to release THE PROTECTORS first, then LAYLA, and then DEMON followed by the sequel. Thanks for all your help. If not for you, I’d still be writing 800 page epics. 🙂

  11. Bernard, Okay, good. You’re welcome. Anytime. Always willing to sharpen up my red pens. 😉