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Friday, June 29th, 2012
Finally Finished Researching–Phantom Warriors: Riot

You would think that a free story wouldn’t take so much research, but it did. I’m still not exactly sure what’s going to happen in the story, but I have a pretty good idea. I figure I’ll start writing and see where it goes. The good thing about it being so short is that I can’t wander around in the world for very long. There are a lot of writers out there who don’t like writing shorter stories. I really enjoy it, but I won’t write them unless they’re complete. What I mean by that is even if a story is tied to a series, I still want the actual story itself to have a true beginning, middle, and end. I don’t like the ones where you have to read the novel to get the answers to your questions.

That said, I also enjoy writing longer books. It’s just thus far the longer books don’t seem to be making any difference in the Indie publishing game. I know they do for other people, but that hasn’t been my experience. My shorter books sell far better than my longer ones. Weird, I know.

Finished reading a pretty cool urban fantasy called ‘Child of Fire’ by Harry Connolly. After I finish Jeaniene Frost’s new book, Once Burned, I’ll pick up the next one in Harry’s series. I always love finding new urban fantasy series, especially since Simon Green wrapped up his Nightside series. I’m hoarding the last two books (i.e. reading them slowly) in that series because I’m not ready for it to end.

It’s hot here, like it is in the rest of the country, so I’ll probably head to the movies at some point. No big plans for the fourth, since again, it’s hot. Maybe I’ll take next week to write and finish Phantom Warriors: Riot. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. 🙂

Monday, June 25th, 2012
Problems With Emails

I’ve received a few emails over the weekend asking about Phantom Warriors: Linx. When I tried to respond, the email addresses bounced. (i.e. Ranae & Carrie) I don’t know if the problem is on my end or yours, but to answer your questions: Yes, Linx has been released and is available now. Thanks for asking. 🙂

Dh and I went away for the weekend to a resort. Had a nice laid-back time. Ended up getting massages with hot stones, which was lovely, and enjoyed some terrific meals. It was definitely a nice break. Though I am finding it difficult to get back into the groove with work. When my brain takes a vacation, it REALLY takes a vacation. *ggg

I’ve watched a few of the Scrivener videos. Enough to get started, I believe. Now it’s just a matter of picking my next project/s.

The drawing lessons are going pretty well. Tilting the characters heads up and hair seem to be my biggest challenges, but I’m just starting so I am sure there will be many more issues down the line. I’m going to ask an artist friend of mine for her help. In the meantime, I am tracing a lot of finished Manga characters to get a ‘feel’ for how their hair is done and various expressions. I will figure this out. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Thursday, June 21st, 2012
Scrivener, Copy Edits, and Future Plans

So I’m finally getting around to watching the Scrivener instructional videos again. I’ve tried to do so over the years, but have always been working on a book at the time so it never worked out. This time I’m determined to at least get a basic working knowledge of the program so that I can write the next book (whatever that turns out to be) using the program. I’m tired of being buried in notes and file cards and pages of notebook scenes. I need to find a better way to keep track of all the information that doesn’t involve the use of paper.

Now that I’ve finished Linx, I have contacted a copy editor for GHOST HUNTER CHRONICLES: SOLOMON’S SEALS. The plan is to put it out in paperback. I will be releasing it on CreateSpace and Lightning Source because I want indie stores to be able to order it for future signings.

Given what seems to be happening with indie e-sales lately, I’m doing a lot of hard thinking about what I should do next. Initially, I’d planned to work on Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King, but I’m not sure anymore whether that would be a good use of my time. It will get written. I’m not going to leave the book hanging. I am just not sure if it will be next anymore. I don’t seem to be the only one experiencing an ‘odd’ shift with their sales. I don’t know if this is a summer thing, an algorithm thing, or an over-saturation of the market. I suppose only time will tell on the latter two.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on streamlining my process. I guess it’s finally time to start contacting review sites. Any suggestions?

Monday, June 18th, 2012
Phantom Warriors: Linx

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, but I’ve been working on PHANTOM WARRIORS: LINX. I’ve spent the last several days researching the Russian Mob. Conclusion: They are very scary. Anyway, I’ve officially uploaded LINX for publication. It will probably take at least a day before he’s available. Linx’s story ends up tying into the next Atlantean’s Quest book, Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King. I can tell already that Hades is going to be a handful. *ggg (Pardon the pun.;) I thought Arctos and Saber-tooth would always be my favorite Phantom Warriors, but Linx ended up surprising me. I really like his story, even if it turned out far more violent than any of the others. (Remember we are dealing with the Russian mob.)

The story ran a little over 36K in length. I added a sneak peek at the end of the book, which brings the total word count to over 40K. It’s all new material that has NEVER been seen before. I hope you like it. In the meantime, here is the blurb for Linx:

Tabitha Shelley is determined to save her twin sister, Taylor from her latest abusive boyfriend, even if that means taking on the Russian mob.

Phantom Warrior Linx never met a woman he didn’t like, until he encountered Tabitha Shelley. His plans to sample the female masses on Earth are disrupted, when Tabby draws him into her personal war. Linx is ready to call it quits on his search for a mate, when a spontaneous lap dance leads to an unexpected night of passion.

Who knew a hissing Tabby could make a big cat like him purr?

Before their new bond can be tested, the mob threatens Tabby’s life. But they will soon find out that it’s never smart to come between a Phantom Warrior and his mate.

Monday, June 11th, 2012
Phantom Warriors: Linx is DONE!

I typed in the final words for Phantom Warriors: Linx this evening. It came in just over 30K, but that number will change once I go through and edit. I have a tendency to cut and add. I suspect it will at least be 32, quite possibly 35K by the time I’m done. Now watch, I say that and the thing will pass 40K. *ggg It’s possible. I have a lot of things I need to add. I have a few concerns about my h/h, even though I like them both. We’ll have to see what it’s like on the read through.

I am glad that this book is finally done. I’d planned to start Atlantean’s Quest 5 immediately, but it may have to wait a month or two. I have another project that I need to work on first and I need a break from romance for a little while.

The Indie Author Blowout sale is still going on. It’s the chance to grab a ton of great reads for cheap, cheap, CHEAP! Tomorrow I plan to do my own shopping. Oh yes, I am a greedy reader.

Friday, June 8th, 2012
Indie Author Book Blowout SALE

It’s that time of year again. The Indie Authors are having a summer vacation sale, but it won’t last long. You only have from JUNE 8th thru JUNE 22nd to take advantage of the slashed prices. I’ve cut MOONLIGHT KIN: A WOLF’S TALE from $3.99 to .99, so take advantage of it and all the other wonderful books while you can.

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

There are times when you just have to skip ahead. I found myself in that situation after getting no work done on Phantom Warriors: Linx for over four days. I couldn’t figure out what was preventing me from writing (beyond procrastination). I’d charted the book out, which is something I do for all my books these days. The story seemed like it was going well, then BAM!!! Face first into a road block. (I’m pretty sure my nose was bleeding. I hit it that hard.) So I sat, staring at the first three chapters I’d written unable to proceed. I’m a very linear writer. I have to know where the story begins and how it ends before I can write a book.

On Friday, the frustration reached a breaking point and I gave up. I decided to jump ahead. The move worked. I wrote 1100 words on Friday and 3K yesterday. I still have no idea what’s going into chapter four. I’ve gotten hints from chapter five, but not any fully formed ideas. The notecard is clear, but my characters aren’t cooperating. I don’t think it helps that chapter four is a turning point in my characters’ relationship. They are strangers, who have to not only build a tremendous amount of trust in that chapter, but they also have to realize there’s a simmering attraction happening. Both characters are digging in their proverbial heels and not cooperating. Which is weird since the next chapter had them consciously trusting each other and doing some pretty wild stuff.

I’m not going to worry about it. (Okay, I’m trying not to worry about it.) I will just keep writing as if chapter four is done and I’ll go back to it, once I finish the rest of the book. Hopefully something will come to mind in the meantime. Oh the joys of writing…