July 16th, 2012
Magic Mike

Today I met a friend for brunch, then joined another friend to go see MAGIC MIKE. I admit, I didn’t go into this movie with much background on the story. I didn’t think that was necessary…and I was right. *ggg The story wasn’t much, which is what I expected. Basically, the movie is about a stripper who has dreams of making custom furniture. He can’t get a loan to follow that dream because every job he has (and he has a lot of them) all pay cash under the table. He meets a guy, who is like a younger version of himself. Can’t remember that actor’s name. He didn’t make much of an impression, since he played such a loser. That’s pretty much the entire storyline. There is no big ARC for the lead character, Channing Tatum, though I must say I have a newfound appreciation for his…**cough**Assets **cough**. 😉 He’s never really done a lot for me, but I have to give the guy props. He is built like a brick sh*thouse and has some serious dance moves. Fires up the imagination that’s for sure. (Fans face.)

The rest of the ‘story’ is pretty much what I expected. I’ve known a few strippers, so I thought the drug use and casual sex were pretty accurate. Couple that with being trapped in the job by the easy cash and you have a spot on portrayal. The women had such small parts that they might as well have been part of the scenery. Some of the performances they gave were sadly lacking. The script/dialogue needed a LOT of help. Matthew McConaughey, another gentleman who’s kept himself in terrific shape, was the best thing about the movie. He really got into his part and it showed.

The funniest thing about the movie was the two women sitting behind us. It was like listening to a less clever ‘R’ rated Mystery Science Theater. They seemed to get ‘very’ excited when certain men danced and were only to happy to share their excitement verbally throughout the whole movie. It was hard not to laugh out loud.

4 comments to “Magic Mike”

  1. Thank you. I had no idea what ‘Magic Mike’ was, nor will I in the future. 🙂 Seems like you had an entertaining time seeing it though with the audience participation. 🙂

  2. Bernard, I think you could appreciate some of the ‘guy’ humor in it, but it’s definitely NOT your kind of movie.

    The audience participation was hilarious. My friend and I couldn’t stop looking at each other and laughing. Apparently one of the women behind us had her ‘man/men’ all picked out. *ggg 😉

  3. Sounds like MST was the way to watch it! I dunno if I’ll get around to renting it, or if I’ll watch it some night when the husband is traveling and I need a popcorn flick. What I cannot freaking WAIT for is…Loopers!

  4. Charli, Oh yeah, the commentary helped a lot. Added more humor than there was onscreen. *ggg

    Loopers looks fantastic, doesn’t it?