July 13th, 2012
Yay! My Treadmill Is Coming…

I ordered a treadmill this week and found out it’s set to arrive on the 18th. Very excited about this news. I’ve wanted one for so long and haven’t had a good place for one until now. I know I’ll have to start out slow (i.e. by walking), but I eventually want to build up to running. I have crap knees, but they’re just going to have to deal with a little impact. (evil grin)

I’ve been thinking about writing schedules and future plans lately. I only plan on writing two more books this year, my YA project and Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King. I plan to start my UF detective story, but it won’t be finished by the end of this year unless I truly get a wild hair up my bum. Next year, I’m going to write Josephine’s Surrender, the final book in my Lords of the Night series, Moonlight Kin 2: Aidan’s Mate and a follow up to The Ghost Hunter Chronicles. At this point, other than my free Phantom Warriors story, I do not have any intention of writing more Phantom Warriors for a while. I love them, but they take time away from the projects that I want to tackle.

I’m in the process of getting everything edited and formatted for print. This is a very slow process that unfortunately cannot be rushed. When I’m finished, readers will be able to get the Atlanteans, Phantom Warriors, Dead World, Moonlight Kin, and Lords of the Night series in print. I am bundling the Atlanteans, Phantom Warriors, Moonlight Kin, and Lords of the Night series to make things simpler. The Phantom Warrior freebie story will be included in some of these bundles. The Atlantean’s bundles will NOT include Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King. It will be released in paperback at a later date.

Obviously, my schedule is subject to change if I sell my YA’s or my UF’s, but until then, that’s the plan.

10 comments to “Yay! My Treadmill Is Coming…”

  1. I like your marketing ideas. Hey… take it easy on those knees. 🙂

  2. Bernard, Thanks! I realized I had to start planning this stuff or I’d never get it done. The amount of work ahead overwhelms me sometimes. It helps to write it all down.

    I’ll watch my knees. 😉

  3. Will the freebie PW book be available separately from the bundles?

  4. Hey Audrey,

    Yes, it will be released as a standalone story. I just plan on including it with some of the bundles. 🙂

  5. I’m in the process of reading A Wolf’s Tale right now. Will let you know what I think in a day or so.

  6. Thanks Audrey. I hope you enjoy it. I started that book ten years ago. Finishing it was a labor of love. 🙂

  7. And a great plan it is. Yay treadmill, you live where it is way too hot to walk outside unless it’s winter.

  8. Charli, Thanks! It’s only about a year out, which is pretty much the most I can plan for. I’m not good with goal setting as such.

    Yes, I can’t wait for it to be delivered and set up. My feet are ready. *ggg

  9. Congrats on the new treadmill! How’s it working out for ya?

    Send us a video review of your treadmill and we will feature your blog on our site!

    Email me for more details. 🙂 We are always looking for more user reviews.

  10. Treadmill Guru, The treadmill is working out really well. I’ve had it for nine days and workout with it 7 of those. 🙂 Thanks!