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Thursday, August 30th, 2012

I have put an excerpt up for PHANTOM WARRIORS: RIOT. Right now I’m just waiting to hear back from the gentleman who is formatting the book. I am hoping that occurs today, so that I can upload the book. Will keep you posted.

UPDATE: PW: RIOT has been uploaded to KOBO, SMASHWORDS, and KINDLE. It’s free on KOBO and SMASHWORDS. I had to charge .99 on KINDLE. I would’ve put it up for free if I’d been given the option. I’m sure if enough people report the price difference once it’s up, KINDLE will eventually price match.

This weekend I am speaking at CopperCon. If you’re in the area, drop by and say hello. 🙂

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Every other week it seems like something is exploding within publishing, especially when it comes to Indie publishing. This week the explosion centers around authors PURCHASING reviews. It’s a VERY gray area. Some people are adamantly against purchasing reviews and others have done so with great success. It’s easy to attack Indie authors for participating in this practice because they’re so visible.

Purchasing reviews definitely has an air of ‘stink’ to it. No doubt about it. But, and this is a big BUT, this practice has been going on in New York for YEARS. This is NOT an Indie only issue, though I’m sure it’s much more fun to think so.

New York publishing has paid for reviews for years by purchasing ads in various publications. Have they all been five star reviews? No, but my guess is there are far more positive reviews than negative ones. After all, the publications are making MONEY from those ads. They don’t want to anger the people who are buying them. Romantic Times Magazine, which I love, has always been known to dangle ads in front of publishers/writers’ faces in order to give reviews. This is ESPECIALLY true if you’re an Indie author or a small press author. If you want your book reviewed (a guaranteed review/not necessarily positive), then you must purchase an ad in the magazine. To me there’s not really a difference between buying an ad for a review or paying somebody directly. Either way, you’re paying for a review.

One way just ‘appears‘ a little bit more legitimate than the other.

Though I consider the prospect of purchasing a review to be firmly planted in a HUGE gray field, I have to admit that I’ve been tempted. Not to buy five star reviews (though that would be lovely…and oh so WRONG), but to buy reviews in general. Here’s why: My readers overall are fairly quiet. To my knowledge, I don’t have the type of readership that runs around all over the internet shouting about my books. I don’t have a street team and wouldn’t know the first thing about building one. My readers purchase my books, for which I am eternally grateful, but they rarely leave reviews. That’s okay. They don’t have to, and are not obligated to review my books. I’m just happy if they enjoy them.

The problem is that these days reviews hold a lot of weight. Actually, let me correct that, it’s not the content of the reviews, but the AMOUNT of reviews that seem to make a HUGE difference for a writer. This started with the ebook explosion and I don’t foresee it stopping anytime soon. When I was writing for New York, I had to do most of my promotion myself. I got a little help from a few of the publishers, but mainly it was left up to me.

Like most authors, I don’t have a degree in marketing. Although I was social years ago (had to be, I was a flight attendant), I’m a hermit now. Actually, thinking about it, I’m pretty sure hermits are more social than me. I don’t feel comfortable pushing my books on people. It doesn’t matter how much I love the books. I am sure a lot of this comes from the fact that I don’t like people trying to sell me stuff. (Doesn’t matter what the stuff is, I just don’t like it.) When the world revolves around social networking, that is a problem.

I am sure there are reviewers out there yelling at my post and saying, “Well, just write a good book and people will review it.” Thanks Mr. Obvious!

If only that were true…

I write the best books I can EVERY TIME I write a book. Are they all equal? Of course not. Some are going to be better than others, but even the ones I consider some of the best work I’ve ever done, don’t have a lot of reviews. So that brings us back to ‘What Do You Do?’ Do you buy an ad to ease your conscience? Do you pay for a blogging/promoting service? Or do you just allow yourself to slip into obscurity?

A lot of tough choices. No easy answers.

Do you have an opinion on the subject? Even better, do you have a solution? Loved to hear it.

Friday, August 24th, 2012
One Blurb Coming Up

I’ve added a blurb to Riot’s page. Normally I don’t have any problem writing blurbs, but this book (like the writing) was different. It was very hard to boil this story down to a few paragraphs. I had to leave quite a bit out. I decided not to put up an excerpt yet. I’m going to wait for my edits to return before I do. Once they are complete, I’ll add an excerpt to the Riot page.

I have been on a lot of Indie loops lately and a lot of authors are talking about pre-booking editors and creating release dates. I’m wondering if the release date makes a difference to readers. (ie As oppose to releasing a book when it’s finished.) Does anyone know? Bueller? Bueller?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
Ding, Dong, DONE

Yesterday, I officially finished Phantom Warriors: Riot. I’ve contacted an editing service and I’m really hoping that they can get me in so that I can release the book by the end of this month. I have no idea why this book took me so long to write. It shouldn’t have at a little over 33k, but it did. Like I mentioned earlier, I am going to try to release this read for FREE. (I am hoping that Amazon Kindle will cooperate.) In the meantime, I’ve posted the new cover for everyone to view:

I plan to start Atlantean’s Quest 5 at the beginning of October. I still have some brainstorming to do for that story. I may take part of September to write my western horror short story or a first person vampire tale. Haven’t quite decided yet. Just know my brain needs to work on a dark urban fantasy for a while before I dig into another romance. *ggg 😉

On a personal note, my new treadmill is working out really well. I’m now on it four to five days a week and shooting for six. No buyer’s remorse here.

Friday, August 10th, 2012
Home Stretch

I am down to the last three thousand words of Phantom Warriors: Riot. (Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed, which makes it very hard to type.) Anyway, I expect to finish by the end of the weekend. I’ll start edits next week, then send it off to be professionally edited. Depending on how long it takes them to get back to me will determine the release date. It WILL be this month. I’m still aiming for the third week of August.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Bourne. Should be a fun film. I like Jeremy Renner (sp). Still debating on whether to go see Batman for a third time. Yes, it was THAT good.

Lately, I seem to have a problem getting into reading, especially new books. There are so many new books that I’ve purchased and want to read. I’m embarrassed to say how many. My name is Jordan and I’m a compulsive book buyer. Feels so good to get that confession off my chest. *ggg Anyway, because I’m not able to focus on the new books, I’ve gone back to re-reading several of my favorites. I recently finished Ilona Andrews’ Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds (my favorite). I’ve bought Gunmetal Magic in both ebook and paperback, since Ilona is on my keeper-shelf, but haven’t started reading it yet. Instead, I’m re-reading (for the third fourth time) D.B. Reynolds’ Vampires in America series. I LOVE this series. I just finished Raphael and Jabril. I’m grabbing Sophie tonight, since there isn’t much of Raphael and Cyn in Rajmund. Yes, I am counting down the days to her Raphael and Cyn novella release next week. I’m also looking forward to reading Lucas. D.B.’s another author that I buy in both ebook and paperback.

I have no idea why I get into these reading funks, especially since there are so many books I’m looking forward to reading. It’s weird, but it happens EVERY year. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long. Maybe a month at most. For that I’m grateful or I’d never get anything new read. Do you ever get in a reading funk? If so, what do you do to get out of it? What have you read lately that you really enjoyed? I finished ONCE BURNED by Jeaniene Frost a month ago. I really loved it. When it comes to heroes, I just can’t decide who I love the most. Vlad? Curran? Or Raphael? They’re all so very yummy and could tempt a Saint to be bad. Good thing I’m not a saint. 😉

Monday, August 6th, 2012
Summer Is Winding Down, Fall Around The Corner

To say that I’m off schedule (my own personal writing schedule) is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I have passed the 18K point on Phantom Warriors: Riot. I’m pretty sure molasses in a snow storm moves faster. I WILL be finished with a rough draft this week. I have to be for my own sanity. I plan to reward myself with Betrayed by D.B. Reynolds, which releases on Aug. 15th. I love, Love, LOVE her vampire series. I got sucked in after reading Raphael (the first book in her series.). He’s equal parts yummy and scary. D.B. doesn’t flinch on the scary parts, which I really appreciate.

Anyway, because PW: Riot is taking FOREVER so long it’s thrown off my writing schedule by several weeks. I’d planned to be neck deep in my next YA by now. As it is, I’ll still be working on PW: Riot come next week. (Edits, critiques, etc.) This means that it won’t release until the week of Aug. 20th. (I don’t know which day for sure. It depends on how the edits take.)

I need to figure out something else to work on until October, when I’ll start Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King. I’m not good at stopping and starting projects. I also don’t do well working on several books at the same time. Things start to cross into each other. This is not good. So either I need to futs around or I need to work on something that won’t take more than a month and a half to write. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Whatever I choose to work on (if I go that direction) will have to be non-romance. I’m missing my monsters…a LOT!

I hope you all managed to catch the Curiosity rover landing last night. It was truly a sight to behold.