August 21st, 2012
Ding, Dong, DONE

Yesterday, I officially finished Phantom Warriors: Riot. I’ve contacted an editing service and I’m really hoping that they can get me in so that I can release the book by the end of this month. I have no idea why this book took me so long to write. It shouldn’t have at a little over 33k, but it did. Like I mentioned earlier, I am going to try to release this read for FREE. (I am hoping that Amazon Kindle will cooperate.) In the meantime, I’ve posted the new cover for everyone to view:

I plan to start Atlantean’s Quest 5 at the beginning of October. I still have some brainstorming to do for that story. I may take part of September to write my western horror short story or a first person vampire tale. Haven’t quite decided yet. Just know my brain needs to work on a dark urban fantasy for a while before I dig into another romance. *ggg 😉

On a personal note, my new treadmill is working out really well. I’m now on it four to five days a week and shooting for six. No buyer’s remorse here.

5 comments to “Ding, Dong, DONE”

  1. Great cover as always. A western horror story, huh?

    Good news on the treadmill. There are a lot of dust gathering treadmill paperweights, folks thought once they bought them, the weight would fall off magically, and they’d get in shape through mechanical osmosis. 🙂

  2. Thanks Bernard. 🙂 Yes, I started the horror story a few months back because there was a call for western set horrors. I began it before I jumped into this book. It’s definitely a western that’s set in an old mining town that’s slowly dying because the silver has dried up. They think that’s the worst thing that could happen to them, but they are wrong. *ggg

  3. Forgot to add, yes, a lot of people let their treadmills gather dust, and like you said, waiting for mechanical osmosis to take place. LOL!

    I find them boring, but oddly relaxing. I do a tremendous amount of reading while I’m on my treadmill. (Didn’t know I could read and walk that fast at the same time, but I can, so YAY!)

  4. Love the cover! Fingers crossed for edits and your schedule to work out. Meanwhile, yay treadmill.

  5. Thanks Charli! I’m just waiting on formatting now. The book is turned in and ready to go. (As ready as it’ll ever be anyway. *ggg)

    Thanks! I love my treadmill. 🙂