August 10th, 2012
Home Stretch

I am down to the last three thousand words of Phantom Warriors: Riot. (Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed, which makes it very hard to type.) Anyway, I expect to finish by the end of the weekend. I’ll start edits next week, then send it off to be professionally edited. Depending on how long it takes them to get back to me will determine the release date. It WILL be this month. I’m still aiming for the third week of August.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Bourne. Should be a fun film. I like Jeremy Renner (sp). Still debating on whether to go see Batman for a third time. Yes, it was THAT good.

Lately, I seem to have a problem getting into reading, especially new books. There are so many new books that I’ve purchased and want to read. I’m embarrassed to say how many. My name is Jordan and I’m a compulsive book buyer. Feels so good to get that confession off my chest. *ggg Anyway, because I’m not able to focus on the new books, I’ve gone back to re-reading several of my favorites. I recently finished Ilona Andrews’ Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds (my favorite). I’ve bought Gunmetal Magic in both ebook and paperback, since Ilona is on my keeper-shelf, but haven’t started reading it yet. Instead, I’m re-reading (for the third fourth time) D.B. Reynolds’ Vampires in America series. I LOVE this series. I just finished Raphael and Jabril. I’m grabbing Sophie tonight, since there isn’t much of Raphael and Cyn in Rajmund. Yes, I am counting down the days to her Raphael and Cyn novella release next week. I’m also looking forward to reading Lucas. D.B.’s another author that I buy in both ebook and paperback.

I have no idea why I get into these reading funks, especially since there are so many books I’m looking forward to reading. It’s weird, but it happens EVERY year. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long. Maybe a month at most. For that I’m grateful or I’d never get anything new read. Do you ever get in a reading funk? If so, what do you do to get out of it? What have you read lately that you really enjoyed? I finished ONCE BURNED by Jeaniene Frost a month ago. I really loved it. When it comes to heroes, I just can’t decide who I love the most. Vlad? Curran? Or Raphael? They’re all so very yummy and could tempt a Saint to be bad. Good thing I’m not a saint. 😉

6 comments to “Home Stretch”

  1. Happens to me, too, I think maybe when my brain is too tired to invest in anything new and I just want to revisit an old favorite or twelve.

  2. Sometimes it’s just more pleasurable to read something you know you really liked.

  3. I just finished reading Gunmetal Magic–which was so good–though that as a fluke as I’m in some kind of reading slump this summer. I’ve started and stopped several books, just can’t seem to dive into anything. I think it might be the heat. I keep dreaming about Alaska.

  4. Charli, You know, that might be it. It would make sense given the fight this book has given me.

  5. Bernard, This is true. It’s certainly the case for me right now, though I am checking out samples of books, too. Hopefully the snap will end and I’ll be back into the new books that I’ve gotten recently.

  6. Terri, LOL! I hear you on dreaming about Alaska. I’ve been doing the same.

    I cannot wait to read Gunmetal Magic. I have no doubt it rocks. Of course, I think just about everything Ilona writes is great, so I’m a little biased. 😉