August 24th, 2012
One Blurb Coming Up

I’ve added a blurb to Riot’s page. Normally I don’t have any problem writing blurbs, but this book (like the writing) was different. It was very hard to boil this story down to a few paragraphs. I had to leave quite a bit out. I decided not to put up an excerpt yet. I’m going to wait for my edits to return before I do. Once they are complete, I’ll add an excerpt to the Riot page.

I have been on a lot of Indie loops lately and a lot of authors are talking about pre-booking editors and creating release dates. I’m wondering if the release date makes a difference to readers. (ie As oppose to releasing a book when it’s finished.) Does anyone know? Bueller? Bueller?

2 comments to “One Blurb Coming Up”

  1. That’s a terrific blurb. I’m hooked.

    Good question about the release of a novel. Because marketing has such a huge influence on everything, the release date of a novel has become particularly important. Pre-orders on Amazon before a release can help both the publisher and author get an idea on interest in the release. Heralding a release date heavily from a marketing standpoint is I think a solid interaction between reader and author. Name recognition, of course, is a key ingredient. 🙂

  2. Bernard,

    Thanks! I hope readers feel the same way.

    I know Amazon doesn’t allow pre-orders with Indie publishing, but I do think you’re absolutely correct with all your other points. It’s why I’ve been seriously considering ‘hard’ release dates. Marketing is very important…says the person who really doesn’t do anything. Sigh. :-/ And yes, name recognition helps some, but not always. I’ve known a lot of bigger names who’ve had a really hard time with Indie publishing, so there are exceptions.