August 6th, 2012
Summer Is Winding Down, Fall Around The Corner

To say that I’m off schedule (my own personal writing schedule) is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I have passed the 18K point on Phantom Warriors: Riot. I’m pretty sure molasses in a snow storm moves faster. I WILL be finished with a rough draft this week. I have to be for my own sanity. I plan to reward myself with Betrayed by D.B. Reynolds, which releases on Aug. 15th. I love, Love, LOVE her vampire series. I got sucked in after reading Raphael (the first book in her series.). He’s equal parts yummy and scary. D.B. doesn’t flinch on the scary parts, which I really appreciate.

Anyway, because PW: Riot is taking FOREVER so long it’s thrown off my writing schedule by several weeks. I’d planned to be neck deep in my next YA by now. As it is, I’ll still be working on PW: Riot come next week. (Edits, critiques, etc.) This means that it won’t release until the week of Aug. 20th. (I don’t know which day for sure. It depends on how the edits take.)

I need to figure out something else to work on until October, when I’ll start Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King. I’m not good at stopping and starting projects. I also don’t do well working on several books at the same time. Things start to cross into each other. This is not good. So either I need to futs around or I need to work on something that won’t take more than a month and a half to write. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Whatever I choose to work on (if I go that direction) will have to be non-romance. I’m missing my monsters…a LOT!

I hope you all managed to catch the Curiosity rover landing last night. It was truly a sight to behold.

4 comments to “Summer Is Winding Down, Fall Around The Corner”

  1. It is frightening how fast this summer is streaking by. I can understand the difficulty in stuffing all the goals inside of it before Fall smacks us in the face. 🙂

  2. Bernard, It’s a blur for real. It was more for my mental sanity. I needed a creative buffer in there before I start my next romance.

  3. I’ve gotten jack done this summer, much to my frustration. Mostly what i have done is try to set things up to make my life work once school starts in the fall. But cheers for Curiosity! MOST exciting 7 minutes in our space program in a long time. And so far the pictures coming back are incredible. Looking forward to new discoveries on our red neighbor.

  4. Charli, I’ve gotten a lot done, just not nearly enough. And I didn’t think my plans were overly ambitious since most of the books were in the 30-40K range. For some reason, it didn’t matter.

    Have you seen the 360 panorama of the surface of Mars? If not, Google it. I believe it’s on a UK or German site. The pictures are incredible as you pan the camera around. All that’s missing are the aliens or Transformers. 😉