September 24th, 2012
Crazy Busy

I know it’s been quiet on blogville. I have been crazy busy with writing Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King and trying to fix small online fires that have been popping up rather rapidly lately. Phantom Warriors: Riot is doing better than I imagined. It just hit the 600’s on Amazon. Woo Hoo! Add in appts., movies (which is fun), dentists (which is not), many obligations, and you have a snapshot of the last seven days. Oh, and I’m also getting ready for a visit from my mom, which I’m really looking forward to, but does take planning. I suppose I should be grateful that Jury Duty fell through for today. Sigh. Whew! Blink! Blink! Blink! :-O

I wish I could say that things will change, but to be honest they probably won’t. I have to finish this book. I have a book in the queue that I need to go over edits, so that I can release it in paperback. I have another one that needs to be sent out to an editor, so it’s ready to go by Romantic Times next year. I have two reversions of rights’ letters that need to go out…again. You get the picture. My guess is though that you’d rather I finish the books, instead of blogging about my rather boring, work-filled days. So that’s what I’m going to do. Ciao!

2 comments to “Crazy Busy”

  1. That’s great marketing news! When you hit the six hundreds with hundreds of thousands of new releases, that is phenomenal.

  2. Bernard, All I did was change the search words. I suppose in a stretch that could be called ‘marketing’. LOL! 😉 But yes, I’m very happy to see these types of results. Thanks! 🙂