September 9th, 2012
Hades…Hades…Hades…You Sexy, Sexy Beast

Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King is moving along. I knew Hades was going to be a bad boy. I just didn’t realize how BAD he was going to turn out to be. (evil grin) I’ve had heroes skirt the ‘rules’ of romance before, but Hades is tossing them out the window and slamming the frame shut behind them. *ggg He’s doing things that I know will upset a few readers, but I’m not going to rein him in. He’s having too much fun…and so am I. I do think Taylor will be more than a match for him. She’s dated a lot of bad boys over the years. Her last boyfriend was a member of the Russian mob. She knows how to handle dangerous men and how to get under their skin. In the end, I’m not sure Hades will know what hit him.

What did surprise me was that this is turning out to be the most erotic Atlantean book I’ve written in a while. Honestly, with an arrogant King and an ex-stripper heroine it really cannot be avoided. *g Add in the infamous Pit and you just have too many opportunities to go hog wild.

I better get back to it. I’m getting ready to tackle the first Pit scene. Oh my. Fans face. Yes, I’m being a tease. 😉

6 comments to “Hades…Hades…Hades…You Sexy, Sexy Beast”

  1. I’m certain you will have another winner with Hades. How has your YA endeavor been going?

  2. Wheeee, go Hades! *g*

  3. Bernard, Here’s hoping. At least I’m having fun writing his story, so that has to count for something. 😉

    My YA journey has been fairly uneventful. Lots of compliments on my writing (which is lovely), but no takers. Right now, the plan is to get a new website designed for the YA books and send the book off to a N.Y. editor. I’ll probably self-publish it, but not until I finish the next YA. I don’t want to get sidetracked from that book. I’d like to have two manuscripts completed before I launch the new site.

  4. Thanks C!!!

  5. It sounds awesome! I love that he’s surprising you, and that he’s a bad, bad, boy. *ggg*

  6. Sasha, He’s such a fun bad boy. The most fun I’ve had with a hero in a while. Can’t wait to uncover the rest of the story. 🙂