October 5th, 2012
Atlantean’s Quest and Phantom Warriors Merge

I’ve received a lot of reader letters lately asking if there will be anymore Phantom Warriors or Atlantean stories. It made me realize that I’ve been a little unclear about Atlantean’s Quest 5: The Dark King. My next release AQ5 is a combination of the two worlds. The Dark King is half Phantom and half Atlantean. He rules the planet with King Eros, whom we met in Atlantean’s Quest 1: The Arrival.

Hades, The Dark King, has Atlantean traits, but definitely takes after his Phantom father. This book will show what it’s like to live on planet Zaron under Hades’ rule. It also shows several of the women (and heroes) from the previous books, both Atlantean and Phantom. I’m never going to say never, but right now it’s my intention to make this the last book for BOTH series. It’s why I’m working so hard to give the Atlantean and Phantom worlds a proper send off. I think it’s important to end on a high note. This is one of those books that I love so much that it doesn’t matter if anyone else on the planet agrees with me. Truth! I will NEVER regret writing it. (Actually, I’ve never had regrets about anything I’ve written, so that last sentence probably doesn’t mean as much as it should. 😉

I just wanted to clear that up, since I understand how the title could be slightly deceiving. 🙂

I’ve added an excerpt for MOONLIGHT KIN 2: AIDAN’S MATE. The blurb will be coming soon. The book will be out in the first quarter of next year.

On a personal note, I weighed in today and found out I was down another three pounds. For me, this is record breaking weight-loss. I’ve never lost that much in a week. I am grateful, since the previous week showed no loss. This brings my total weight loss to 14.5 lbs. I still have a long, Long, LONG way to go, but at least things are moving in the right direction. Woo Hoo!

6 comments to “Atlantean’s Quest and Phantom Warriors Merge”

  1. Very good weight loss. All I can say is stick with it. Man, is it ever worth it. When you love your own writing, nothing else matters. That’s when even the editing is a pleasure. It must be a real thrill to have a following invested in the series. Have fun with it, my friend.

  2. Thanks Bernard! I am stoked. This has been the easiest diet (well, not easy, but something I feel like I could maintain for the rest of my life). I know it’ll be worth it. I have mini-goals to hold me over so I don’t get frustrated/overwhelmed. That seems to help a lot. I’ve also started walking on the treadmill while I read my emails in the morning. I killed 45 min. and a mile and a half. (I was walking slow.) But add that to my regular faster workouts and it’ll add up.

    I agree about the writing. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself with this book. It’s just plain fun. I wish all of them could be that way. I know my tastes rarely match that of my readers, but I do hope they enjoy this one as much as I am. It is a thrill that folks are enjoying these books…considering I sold the first one in 2002. *ggg It’s only taken ten years for them to be a success. LOL! 😉

    Will do. And you also. When will we see that screenplay going out?

  3. Yay for all kinds of progress! And I think it’s a very good idea to do a series wrap that ends things solidly. You can always go back and play in a universe if you get a wild hair but it’s good to finalize it. Says the person dying of unfinished series guilt right now.

  4. You know, Charli, I didn’t realize I was going to be able to wrap up both series until I hit the halfway point. I knew I was trying to tie the Atlanteans in the series because I wanted to include the other heroines, but I’d forgotten how much Phantom information would be in this story. It’s working out well all the way around.

    I hear you on the series guilt. I still have three more to go once these two are finished. And that’s only if I don’t release any of the others that I have started. Sigh. It never ends.


  6. Sharon, LOL! My mom just left, so I plan to get back to work tomorrow. I’m writing as fast as I can. 😉