November 1st, 2012
Leaving RWA

This month I decided not to re-up my membership to the Romance Writers of America organization. It was an incredibly tough decision for me. I’ve been a part of RWA for well over ten years. To be perfectly frank, RWA helped me get published. I still recommend that new writers join the group no matter what genre they write in. RWA teaches you a lot about the publishing industry (at least the traditional one) and it teaches you how to write. Both kind of important if you want to make writing your career.

I’ve been torn about leaving for a long period of time. I get quite a bit from RWA’s RWR magazine. (It has a lot of good articles.) But I haven’t gotten much from the organization itself for quite a while. RWA is kind of like having training wheels on a bike. You need them until you get published. Once you’re published, the training wheels don’t really help you pedal. After a lot of contemplation, I realized that the only reason I was staying in the organization was because of sentimentality. Sometimes that’s reason enough to keep doing something, but not in this case.

2 comments to “Leaving RWA”

  1. That is a good way of putting it – training wheels. You can bet they don’t let sentimentality get in the way of anything they do either. 🙂

  2. Bernard, No, they most certainly do not. I’ve actually had a lot of friends leave this year. It’s kind of sad, but it definitely reflects the changing marketplace.