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Saturday, January 26th, 2013

No, I haven’t entered Zombie mode–at least not yet. *ggg But I am having a heck of a time wrangling my brain. It is behaving like a two year old in full tantrum mode or perhaps it’s on a permanent vacation. I’m flitting from story idea to story idea, writing a thousand words here and a thousand words there. Every time I think it’s locking onto one of the stories it stops and jumps to another. To say it’s frustrating is an understatement. I’m having the same problem with reading right now. Nothing is holding my attention. It’s making me think that I may have to approach the month of January differently. Perhaps I’m going to have to ease back into working after the holidays, instead of jumping in with both feet. I thought for sure that I would be rearing to go after not doing much over the holidays, but that hasn’t been the case. Makes me think I shouldn’t have taken off all that time. On a positive note, I am getting a lot of story outlines together. So once I do get back into production mode the writing should go fairly quickly.

Because of my brain being uncooperative this month, I’m having to re-juggle my schedule. I’m not going to share the changes yet because I’m still not sure how it’s all going to shake out. AIDAN’S MATE is still coming, so please don’t panic. 😉 But it’s looking like there will only be one more ‘new’ romance this year after that release. I just don’t think I’m going to have time to write more than that this year. Not if I want to get another YA finished and an UF. I guess everything goes back to either having longer stories or more releases. I simply cannot do both and expect to maintain quality. And at this point in my career, quality trumps quantity. 🙂

Sunday, January 20th, 2013
Two Colds and A Sick Computer

I’m so happy to have my desktop back. I love my iPad, but boy did I miss my main computer while it was at the Apple hospital. It’s back now with a clean bill of health. Wish I could say the same. I came down with a cold in December, which fortunately didn’t last long. Last week I went home to visit my family (had a great time), but came home with another cold. Yay me! Anyway, I’m trying to kick it now. As colds go, it’s been mild, but it’s still annoying. Haven’t been able to concentrate for long on any of my writing projects. So I’ve kind of given up and turned to video games until it takes its leave.

Anyway, other than that, I’m doing fine. I’ve heard from several of you over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ve written everyone back now. If you haven’t heard from me, in all likelihood my email is blocked from your server. The main question I’ve been getting is: When will Aidan’s Mate come out? I’d intended to release it in March, but I don’t think that’s going to happen unless my fingers catch fire over the keyboard. Right now, I’m anticipating an April release. This year I’m working to make my books a little longer (i.e. the short novel category). That means that it will take me longer to write them and there will not be as many releases as there has been in the last two years. That is the loss that comes with the gain.

I’ll be releasing a YA after that under a new name. It goes to the editor next month. My next adult project will in all likelihood be a contemporary romantic suspense. For some reason, my cold-filled head came up with a contemporary story idea that keeps bugging me. I need to write the follow up to Ghost Hunter after that. The sniffles also gave me more ideas for the YA’s I have planned and a new one. I think I’m going to be quite busy. Once I re-edit RED, SCARLET, and CRIMSON, I will be re-releasing them in ebook, paperback, and audiobook. I may even eventually get them translated, since they never had the chance the first time around. I’ll probably add a few shorts to go along with the Dead World series. Much depends on how much I change and how fast I can write.

I am going to try to get the Phantom Warriors and Atlanteans put into paperback, along with my Ghost Hunter novel. It’s my intention to have as many formats available as possible. It’s a slow process though, since I need to run them through another copyedit before I do. So please be patient with me. I am working as fast as I can. 🙂

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013
Rearranging Things For Sanity Sake

I know I’ve been quiet. I have actually been charting out AIDAN’S MATE. I had a general outline that I wrote a long time ago, but it needed fleshing out so it would at least be recognizable. I’m happy with what I’ve come up with. I think it’ll turn out to be a decent story. But now that it’s done, I’m taking a break from it for a little while. My brain isn’t ready to dive back into romance yet. I think it’s because I had so much fun writing THE DARK KING that it’s refusing to switch gears. I know what you’re thinking…I control my brain. My brain doesn’t control me. Yes, this is true…right up until the point it bitch slaps me and refuses to cooperate when I sit down to write. My face is still smarting.

So instead of continuing to fight it, I’m going to take a short break and work on something else. (Probably my next YA or maybe my western horror.) Anything that doesn’t have a romance in it. Hopefully that will give it enough of a break, so that when I return to Aidan’s Mate I won’t have any more problems. Because honestly, nothing pisses me off more than having a story charted out and still not being able to write it.

On a personal note, looks like I may be heading over to Scotland for a while. Nothing is set yet, but that is the current plan. It’ll be stressful and wonderful. Just what this creative mind needs to shake it out of its way too small comfort zone. Expect lots of pictures, if I go. 🙂

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
What I’ve Learned In 2012

This is what I’ve learned in 2012. Your experiences may vary.

1. Giving a book away for free isn’t a good promotional strategy for me. (I gave away 30,000+ copies, but I actually got more feedback when the book was priced at ninety nine cents. Your mileage may vary. For that matter, you don’t actually have to do ‘any’ real promotions to get sales. I’m proof!)

2. Volume of releases does not necessarily raise your sale’s numbers. (I have released twenty titles in the past two years. A combination of re-releases and new work. The only thing increased volume has done for me is to ‘maintain’ my monthly sales.)

3. Writing ‘smarter’ is the only way to have a long-term Indie career. (Wild productivity cannot last. Eventually you have to slow down. (At least I do.) Which means I have to be more selective about my projects.)

4. I can make a good living with Indie publishing, but it takes a LOT of work.

5. I love Doctor Who, but he will ALWAYS break my heart.

6. I shouldn’t limit the number of genres that I write in. (Experimentation is where it’s at. That includes expanding my distribution channels.)

7. When it comes to reading, I seem to average around 75 books a year. (I’d love to make it one hundred.)

8. I need to read more widely.

9. I need to write a minimum of 1000 words a day, if I want to complete all the projects I’m interested in writing.

10. I prefer spending Christmas and New Year’s in Europe/UK.

11. It’s really easy to fall off a diet in the month of December. 🙂

12. I have to get better at managing my time. (This means less TV and surfing.)

13. True friendships cannot be destroyed by failure or success, but fake ones sure can be.

14. The goals I had when I started writing in 2002 (ie becoming a member of RWA PAN, getting an agent, selling to New York, etc.), no longer apply.

15. I’m the only one who can limit my success.

FORGOT TO ADD: If you’re a writer and haven’t read J.A. Konrath’s resolutions, then you’re really missing out on some good information. It’s interesting to see how Joe has evolved and matured through the years.