January 26th, 2013

No, I haven’t entered Zombie mode–at least not yet. *ggg But I am having a heck of a time wrangling my brain. It is behaving like a two year old in full tantrum mode or perhaps it’s on a permanent vacation. I’m flitting from story idea to story idea, writing a thousand words here and a thousand words there. Every time I think it’s locking onto one of the stories it stops and jumps to another. To say it’s frustrating is an understatement. I’m having the same problem with reading right now. Nothing is holding my attention. It’s making me think that I may have to approach the month of January differently. Perhaps I’m going to have to ease back into working after the holidays, instead of jumping in with both feet. I thought for sure that I would be rearing to go after not doing much over the holidays, but that hasn’t been the case. Makes me think I shouldn’t have taken off all that time. On a positive note, I am getting a lot of story outlines together. So once I do get back into production mode the writing should go fairly quickly.

Because of my brain being uncooperative this month, I’m having to re-juggle my schedule. I’m not going to share the changes yet because I’m still not sure how it’s all going to shake out. AIDAN’S MATE is still coming, so please don’t panic. 😉 But it’s looking like there will only be one more ‘new’ romance this year after that release. I just don’t think I’m going to have time to write more than that this year. Not if I want to get another YA finished and an UF. I guess everything goes back to either having longer stories or more releases. I simply cannot do both and expect to maintain quality. And at this point in my career, quality trumps quantity. 🙂

2 comments to “BRAINS”

  1. I agree. When you keep writing every day, something always clicks into place. You’re probably right about too much time off. It’s hard to get the train out of the station after you let the engine cool. 🙂

  2. Bernard, I do think taking time off doesn’t work for me. Sad, but true.

    It’s like trying to kickstart a motorcycle that’s low on petrol. *ggg