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Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
Study, Study, Study–Write

I finally got my edits back for my YA and a new cover. Very excited to get started on them. Tamson Weston did a terrific job. Her comments and suggestions have really got my juices flowing. I’m itching to get to work. Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait until I’m finished with Aidan’s Mate, which is coming along. I made good progress yesterday and plan to jump on the treadmill to write today before I head out to the movies with a friend. (I have a homemade version of a walk station.)

I’m currently waiting to receive covers for a couple of other bundles that I’ve put together. I’ll post them as soon as they arrive. One will be released next month. Not sure about the other yet. I am trying to get the YA ready for the Romantic Times Convention and ComiCon. It’s going to be close. REALLY CLOSE. But I know if I stop working on Aidan’s Mate to do the YA edits, I’ll never get back to that book. It’s a good book. I’ve just learned from this experience that I need to break up the romance novels with other genres in between to stay mentally fresh.

The plan right now is to finish the above and get them released in April and May, then try to write and release my romantic suspense before I head to the UK. I’d like to focus on my next YA and re-editing RED for re-release, while I’m overseas. That way I don’t have to worry about trying to upload anything, though I will if I get done with another book while I’m there. But if all goes well, I’ll just be focusing on writing, which will be nice. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m studying German again via Fluenz so I can get my skills up by the time we hit Germany (and Switzerland later this year). I tried Rosetta Stone and liked it, but Fluenz IMO seems better because it combines writing, speaking, and listening in each lesson. For some reason, the combo re-enforces the information and makes it easier to remember and recognize when you hear it. I’m also learning WordPress from I need to put up at least a place marker for my YA before the convention. I feel like that fracking white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, running around, screaming I’m late. LOL!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013
Time To Move On

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about genres and writing. I’ve also been looking at sales numbers and reviews. One thing I’m seeing is that the market has shifted. Honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t do it a couple of years ago. Normally the market shifts every three years. It’s long overdue. What does this latest shift mean? It means that readers are moving away from paranormal (not all readers), but enough to notice.

So what does this mean for me? It means some changes in the line up of my various projects. I had a lot of different paranormal romance projects that I’d intended to work on, along with a romantic suspense that I already started. I’m moving those new paranormals to the back burner. I will still be re-releasing my Dead World series and will probably have a prequel to add to it, but other than that, the only paranormals I’ll be writing will be my YA’s and urban fantasies (ie Ghost Hunter follow up and the follow up to my Blood Lite 2 story).

Like a lot of authors, I have MULTIPLE folders that contain a plethora of story ideas in various genres (ie historical, contemporary, urban fantasy, young adult, sci-fi romance, thriller/suspense, and paranormal romance). Most of them contain partials or synopses for books. Some of my contemporaries were originally aimed at Harlequin. Some I’d put together for Kensington Brava, but never submitted. My contemporaries tend to fall into two different categories. They’re either humorous or suspenseful. For me, there’s really nothing in between. One thing I will not be writing is a Fifty Shades of Whatever. I don’t really read those types of books. They don’t do a whole lot for me. But for the folks who do, more power to you. 🙂 If I do return to paranormal romance at the end of the year (or next year, which is more likely), it’ll be with some unusual/very different stories.

In the meantime, I’ll finish Aidan’s Mate and release it before I head to the UK. But like I said, it’ll be the last original paranormal romance from me for a while (other than the prequel to the Dead World). I’m going to spend the rest of this year working on/in genres I haven’t tried before. I’m curious to see what the change will do to my writing and my creativity. I know this will disappoint some readers. For that, I am sorry, but I hope you understand.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013
Let’s Talk About Sex…In Books

I’m probably not the only one confused by the term ‘erotic romance’ anymore. When I first started writing, I didn’t actually write erotic romance. Oh, I wrote pretty hot, but nothing compared to when I sold to Ellora’s Cave. Back then, it was pretty easy to distinguish between regular romance and erotic romance. These days, not so much. Let’s face it, New York publishing has been releasing hot material for over eight years now–thanks to the early ebook revolution. The ‘stigma’ is gone. But along with the stigma, what has also disappeared is a clear line between regular romance and erotic romance. You can go to just about any bookstore, pick up a random paperback, and there is no way of telling what the heat level will be.

As a writer, I’m finding it harder and harder to designate what my books are these days. I have books in the same series that wouldn’t necessarily go into the same category, if you were looking at ‘hotness’ alone. Which is why I’m truly curious what you all think. What in your minds constitutes an erotic romance book? Is it the graphicness of the love scene? Is it the language used? Is it the frequency of love scenes?

I remember after I wrote RED and it was released that I received a review where the reader was upset that the book only had one love scene. At the time that I wrote the book, I honestly couldn’t see fitting another one in that would make sense for the story. Shortly thereafter, I received a review where the reader was upset that I’d put a love scene in RED. They believed I should’ve waited until the very end of the series to do so. I know you cannot make everyone happy, but it’s tough when you’re getting polar opposite opinions.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I worry that I’m disappointing readers by accident or worse, that I’m missing my readership because I’ve mislabeled my books. Some books are easy to label (ie The Dark King). Others are far more difficult. Does it even matter if books are labeled any other way than by genre? (ie historical, paranormal, contemporary, etc.) I’m honestly confused about what I should do. How do you judge a book?

Friday, February 15th, 2013
Multiple Tries, But Finally On My Way

It’s taken multiple tries and several outlines, but I finally got Aidan’s Mate moving today. I guess I just needed a better outline. (head hits desk) I am BEYOND grateful that the book is finally starting to take shape. The story has changed from the excerpt I put up on the website, so expect to see it replaced sometime next week.

Also next week (other than getting a crown from the dentist blech), I should receive the edits for my YA. I’ll have to start tackling them at the same time I’m writing Aidan’s Mate. I need them finished before the end of March to get the paperback ready for Romantic Times. Along with the YA, I am putting together bundles for the Phantom Warriors. The first bundle will be: Bacchus, Linx, and Arctos and will be released some time next month. The second bundle will be: Saber-tooth, Talon (including a deleted scene), and Riot. THE DARK KING will not be included. It’s long enough to stand on its own and technically part of the Atlantean’s Quest series, though it ties directly into the Phantom Warriors’ series. Once I get the covers back at the end of the month, I’ll be releasing the Phantom bundles in both ebook and paperback. I’ll be taking a few of the paperbacks with me to RT and signing them at ComiCon.

Basically, I am slammed with work, which is why it’s been like crickets here on my blog. It still looks like Aidan’s Mate will be out in April like I planned. I’m going to pile through it, re-editing as I go so that it’s in good shape for the editor. I’m shooting for 50K, but honestly, I have no idea how long this book is going to be. I figured out that cornering myself with a word count isn’t a good idea. It puts too much pressure on me and the story. And gives me writer’s block headaches. 🙂

I appreciate your patience and understanding. Now I’m off to do a German lesson.

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

I’ve spent this past week working on Aidan’s Mate. I’ll be honest, this story is kicking my arse. I do think I’m closer to untangling the mess of the first few chapters, but boy it’s been tough. All I can say is Aidan had better be worth all the trouble. It doesn’t help that I have a ‘wounded hero’ from a different story doing his level best to distract me. I keep telling Lucas that I’ll get to him, but he’s not a patient man. I’m going to have to buckle down if I want to get the Moonlight Kin book finished on schedule.

The YA is off to the editor’s caring hands. I have no idea how long edits on the book will take. I’ve asked her to kick my butt. I want to make this book as good as it can possibly be. I’m also attempting to edit GHOST HUNTER CHRONICLES again. I’ve had it professionally edited, but it’s taking a while for me to make all the changes. They are NOT simple fixes, but they will make the story much stronger and give me a good setup for the next book in the series.

I LOVE working with good editors. There is truly nothing like it, even if what they’re asking you to do is hard. A good edit is worth all the blood on the page.

In the meantime, check out Bernard DeLeo’s new story. He writes kickass suspense and fantasy with wonderfully sly humor infused throughout.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

This could quite possibly change the face of e-publishing: AMAZON’S ANNOUNCEMENT. :-/