February 15th, 2013
Multiple Tries, But Finally On My Way

It’s taken multiple tries and several outlines, but I finally got Aidan’s Mate moving today. I guess I just needed a better outline. (head hits desk) I am BEYOND grateful that the book is finally starting to take shape. The story has changed from the excerpt I put up on the website, so expect to see it replaced sometime next week.

Also next week (other than getting a crown from the dentist blech), I should receive the edits for my YA. I’ll have to start tackling them at the same time I’m writing Aidan’s Mate. I need them finished before the end of March to get the paperback ready for Romantic Times. Along with the YA, I am putting together bundles for the Phantom Warriors. The first bundle will be: Bacchus, Linx, and Arctos and will be released some time next month. The second bundle will be: Saber-tooth, Talon (including a deleted scene), and Riot. THE DARK KING will not be included. It’s long enough to stand on its own and technically part of the Atlantean’s Quest series, though it ties directly into the Phantom Warriors’ series. Once I get the covers back at the end of the month, I’ll be releasing the Phantom bundles in both ebook and paperback. I’ll be taking a few of the paperbacks with me to RT and signing them at ComiCon.

Basically, I am slammed with work, which is why it’s been like crickets here on my blog. It still looks like Aidan’s Mate will be out in April like I planned. I’m going to pile through it, re-editing as I go so that it’s in good shape for the editor. I’m shooting for 50K, but honestly, I have no idea how long this book is going to be. I figured out that cornering myself with a word count isn’t a good idea. It puts too much pressure on me and the story. And gives me writer’s block headaches. 🙂

I appreciate your patience and understanding. Now I’m off to do a German lesson.

4 comments to “Multiple Tries, But Finally On My Way”

  1. We must never allow blog duty to smash into our writing wave for any reason. 🙂

  2. Bernard,

    I agree, but I’m going to need a weed wacker and a defib machine to bring this blog back to life due to constant neglect. *ggg

  3. Mine might need lightning to reanimate it. *g* Yay for moving along on all your writing fronts! You can dooo eeeeet.

  4. Charli, Yes, I’m fighting a monster, too. *ggg

    Thank you! 🙂