March 19th, 2013
Email Issues Again…

I seem to be having problems reaching some yahoo email addresses. I received a lovely letter from a reader named Jacklyn, who asked me about continuing the Phantom Warriors and the Atlanteans. I responded, but it bounced, so I’m going to answer her here (hope you don’t mind Jack). I’ll never say never about writing another Phantom or Atlantean book, but at this time I have no plans to do so. I’ve wrapped up both series with THE DARK KING. I’m pretty happy with how that book turned out. I have other books/series that I want to explore (ie Ghost Hunters, the Dead World series, Moonlight Kin, Romantic Suspense, UF, more YA, Horror western, etc.).

I’m still writing Aidan’s Mate. I thought Damon was stubborn. He doesn’t have anything on Aidan. It will be released in April as planned, but I have no idea what the book length will be anymore. Aidan is quite uncooperative. I am also currently working on edits for my YA. I’d planned to get the finished book to a friend by Friday so she could format it for print in time for the Romantic Times Convention. That’s not going to happen. There have been some new developments on that front that have temporarily (possibly permanently) delayed my plans. Will keep you posted as more info becomes available.

Everything is moving along, albeit at a snail’s pace, but still moving. Tonight, I plan to celebrate Dh’s b-day, so I have to get my next batch of edits done before he gets home. 🙂

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