April 7th, 2013
What’s Happening With The Doctor?

I’ve finished watching the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who and I have to say that I’m stumped and more than a little baffled. When they first introduced Clara during a Christmas special, I couldn’t wait for her to become the new companion. She and the Doctor had such terrific chemistry and there was a ton of emotional depth. You cared about what happened between them.

Now, not so much. In fact, Clara and the Doctor are barely getting any screen time together. What’s up with that? Instead, they’re being rushed from scene to scene without any buildups or connections. What should be gigantic emotional moments are left flat because the viewer is tossed from a marginal scene straight into the major one with no warning/preparation/buildup whatsoever.

I cannot figure out what’s happening on the storytelling/writing front because I KNOW Moffat is a superb storyteller/writer. He’s woven several intricate plots and taken the characters from serious highs to crashing lows. A well-written story is the one thing you can count on when you see his name under the writing credits. His stories always contain the ‘human condition’. That’s why I don’t believe for a second that he’s written much of anything in these first two episodes. He’s rarely ever that disjointed. And if he’s ever been in a rush to finish a story, I’ve never seen it on the screen. He’s that good. I do hope he takes over the writing reins soon, since there are so very few episodes in this season. I’d hate to see such a great character like Clara end up like Martha. 🙁

2 comments to “What’s Happening With The Doctor?”

  1. Maybe they do need you on set in the mornings. It’s obvious from your description the Doctor is not in right now. 🙂

  2. Bernard, LOL! You’re too funny. I would help any way that I could, but my storytelling/writing abilities are not up to Steven Moffat’s level yet. 😉