May 18th, 2013
Star Trek 2

Just got back from seeing Star Trek 2. Frankly, I thought it was awesome. It picks up a couple of years after the first one. James Kirk is leading his crew on one adventure after the other, breaking rules left and right. Eventually he’s told he has to pay the ultimate price for his lack of discipline, then everything goes to hell in the most spectacular way. The movie is a fast paced, space opera spectacle that only slows down long enough to bring you to tears before shoving you into oncoming traffic again. I LOVED IT!!! I truly cannot wait to see it again…and perhaps again. I’m thinking three times might do it before I buy the Blu-ray. 😉

Now I’m just counting down for the final episode of Doctor Who. (No spoilers, please.)

4 comments to “Star Trek 2”

  1. Gonna see that one on the big screen for sure. 🙂

  2. Bernard, We’ve already bought tickets to see it again tomorrow. It’s that good. And yes, the big screen is a MUST!

  3. Can’t wait to see that one. We rented the first one this weekend to be fresh for the second movie next weekend.

  4. Toni, Yeah, we pulled out the DVD and did the same. It helps to get you excited for the next segment. 🙂