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Thursday, July 4th, 2013
Happy Fourth Of July US!

Since the 4th isn’t exactly celebrated across the pond, dh and I decided to celebrate in our own way. 😉 We went on the Warner Bros.’s Harry Potter Tour. 🙂 This particular HP tour has a ton of props and several of the original sets from the movies. It was pretty amazing. Seeing Dumbledore’s office, the Common room, the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, Privet Drive, Harry’s house, the bus, and the flying car brought all the magic of the movies back. Sigh. I don’t think the photos I took truly capture how cool the place was. I cannot recommend this tour enough. For true HP fans, it’s a MUST see! Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July.


HP Great Hall Long shot

Dumbledore Office0645DUMBLEDORE’S OFFICE

Diagon Alley0776


Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013
London and Release Delays

London is turning out to be a blast. I’m loving it! (And not just because I’m out of the heat.;) The only thing I miss are the British accents. There seems to be a lot more people from around the world here now, so there aren’t nearly as many of those lovely accents as there were before. According to my in-laws, 48% of the UK population is from somewhere else. WOW! Didn’t realize that, but makes sense given what I’ve seen thus far.

On Friday Dh and I went to afternoon tea at The Dorchester hotel. Lovely place. Lovely tea. (We go to tea every time we come to London.) That same night we climbed the O2. It was steep and windy, but a lot of fun and the views were phenomenal. Fortunately for us it stopped raining by the time our climb was scheduled. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it in the rain. (Rubber, rain, and a steep hill, not a good mix.)

On Sunday, we went to Highgate Cemetery. It was one of the seven cemeteries constructed during the Victorian era. Incredible place. I will share my photos just as soon as I can figure out how in the world to download them onto this laptop. (I’m so used to my desktop.) Anyway, we took a tour of the westside (Our guide Sam was really into history, so it was fascinating.) of the cemetery (My favorite sections were Egyptian Avenue and the Circle of Lebanon because they looked like something out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, then wandered around the east side where we came upon Karl Marx’s grave (I admit that I have expected his head to start talking, since it was the size of The Face of Boe.) and several other members of the communist party. Quite interesting really. Weird, but interesting. My favorite grave was small and simple. It was for the author Douglas Adams. (One of Dh’s favorite authors. A man much too young to be there.) What made it so special was there was a vase set up in front of it for people to leave pens. (He used to write longhand and by typewriter, so it was a touching gesture.) The only creepy part was the catacombs where there are several exposed Victorian caskets and cremated remains. It was the only place in the cemetery where I did not feel alone.

Last night we had reservations at The Ivy before going to see The Cripple of Inishmaan, which starred Daniel Radcliffe (ie Harry Potter). While we were dining, Rod Stewart and his family popped in for a meal. His kids were incredibly well-behaved. (Yes, that’s something I pay attention to because it says a lot about a family dynamic.) It was interesting to see how he positioned himself in the restaurant. He sat in such a way that his back was to most of the tables in the restaurant. I’m sure he did it so that he wouldn’t cause a disturbance and so that people wouldn’t be staring at him while he ate. It was an interesting move, very subtle, but obviously something he’s had to do for years. (I plan to use it at some point in one of my books.)

The play was fantastic. Great pacing. Sharp writing. Tremendous acting. Quite humorous. When I first saw Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter, especially the latter ones, I wasn’t sure he’d succeed in acting once he left that part. Sure, he’d gotten better as the films went on, which was natural since he started so young, but he didn’t show a huge amount of range. I’m happy to say that I absolutely underestimated his talent. He’s truly impressive. Thus far he seems adept at physical, musical, and dramatic acting, which is something that can’t be said for a lot of actors these days. He makes smart and brave choices with the roles he chooses. I can’t wait to see what he does next. If you get the chance to attend the play, DO! It’s well worth the price of admission.

Today, I’m working on RED edits (like I did yesterday before we went out). It’s definitely taking longer than I’d anticipated. I’m still hoping to be finished this month.

I’m also waiting for RIDE EM’ COWBOY formatting to be be finished. I’d hoped that the book would be out by now, but the formatter has been extremely busy. Hopefully I’ll receive the final documents today. I’ll upload them the second I get them and will let you know. Once again, I’m sorry for the delay.

Tomorrow, we’re off to see THE BOOK OF MORMON in the afternoon. It’s getting fabulous reviews, so it should be a good show. It’s by the folks who do South Park, so you know it’s going to be funny. Can’t wait! 🙂