August 24th, 2013
You Know You’re In Scotland When…

Haggis comes on nachos.

Haggis Nachos

And Angels play bagpipes. 🙂

Angel Playing Bagpipe

6 comments to “You Know You’re In Scotland When…”

  1. Way to take something awesome (nachos) and ruin it, Scotland 😉

  2. Tez, Says the woman from a country that thinks Marmite is good. *ggg 😉

  3. My countrymen may like Vegemite, but I absolutely do NOT! 😉

  4. LOL! I bet somewhere someone over there is making vegemite nachos. *ggg

  5. The pictures are neat. I know what Haggis is, and coupling it with nachos probably wouldn’t tempt me. 🙂

  6. Thanks!

    You know, Bernard I have to admit that I’ve had some of the best haggis this trip over. Every restaurant I’ve gone to that serves it has done a fabulous job. This is coming from someone who used to refuse to eat it.

    I didn’t try the nachos…mainly because we were heading to a show and didn’t have time. I probably would have–though to be honest, the UK doesn’t tend to have good nachos. It’s not uncommon to see slices of partially melted cheese on top of the chips. *ggg