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Sunday, September 29th, 2013
Raphael, Kane, and Hades

I want to share the new Dead World Prequel covers and the new cover for The Dark King. Click on them to see the bigger versions. I hope you like them as much as I do. I’m writing away on Raphael’s story. Hope to have it finished within the next few days. YAY! UPDATE: I’ve added an unedited excerpt to Raphael’s book page.



Saturday, September 28th, 2013
And We’re Humming Along

I’m a few thousand words into Raphael’s novella and really enjoying the story. I think it’ll give readers a good look at how he became who he is today. I’ll be tackling Kane’s story once I get Raph’s novella finished. I am equally as excited to write his story. Again, it will give readers a glimpse at the man he was and who he became. Good stuff! I realized yesterday that I have a whole LOT of work to finish by the end of November. I have to get both the short story/novellas finished, write the snippet stories that show what’s happening to my Atlantean characters to go in the back of the paperback releases, edit the Kensington Bravas I got back, and get Red and Scarlet edited/released. Trying hard not to panic. Not working.

I know it’s all doable, but it’s still intense. I’m going to lose a week at the end of October because me and my mom are going to go play in Hawaii. I know it’s sad, but someone has to do it. 😉 *ggg

If all goes well, I will be releasing Red (in ebook, then paperback), Scarlet (in ebook, then paperback), Raphael, Kane, Private Investigations, The Arrival (in paperback), Exodus (in paperback), Redemption & Atlantean Heat & The Return (in a paperback anthology), and The Dark King (in paperback) by the end of November. I’ll release Mesmerized and Crimson in January. Much depends on how quickly I can get things formatted and Createspace samples delivered.

I just received the new cover for the Dark King. Wow! My designer has outdone herself. I LOVE IT! Will put it up soon. 🙂

I suppose that means I’d better get to work.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
Red Is Out The Door

Thanks to my wonderful Mom, I have now gotten feedback on the newest version of RED. For those of you who think that my Mom wouldn’t be hard on my work–THINK AGAIN! My Mom is a tough critic period. It doesn’t matter that I’m her daughter. She has no problem telling me when she doesn’t like something. Thankfully, she liked Red. She liked it so much that she said it made her want to immediately pick up Scarlet to see what happens next (even though she’s already read these books before). It’s the best compliment I could ask for. It also put pressure on me to make sure that Scarlet is the best book it can be. Sigh.

While we were discussing the book, I told her about some brainstorming issues I was having for a short story tie-in prequel. My Mom is so awesome that she actually came up with two ideas. Two good ideas. Now I have two shorts to write and I think they’ll tie in to the Dead World series nicely. Way to go Mom!

Now I’m off to write the prequels and begin edits on Scarlet. Wish me luck on the latter. I’m genuinely going to need it.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
Agents, Writer Organizations, and Conferences

As publishing continues to change, it seems that agents, writer organizations, and conferences take on new meaning. The job of agents is morphing into something else. I don’t know what, since I don’t think it’s done morphing yet. It’ll be interesting to see how many become full on publishers and how many become managers of sort.

I realized the other day that there are only a few agencies that I’d query. It’s not because I think the others are bad. They aren’t. I just believe that the ones on my very short list are the only ones that seem to be changing with the times. Right now, I’m not in a position to query any agents, since I’m only interested in having someone represent my YA’s. I’m not thrilled by how much work I have to do to publish my adult novels, but these days I wouldn’t be willing to give up the royalties.

I’ve noticed the same changes happening within writer organizations and at conferences. Several writer groups are scrambling to change with the publishing industry. Some, like a few agencies, are doing better than others. I’ve renewed a couple of my memberships, but I see a time in the not so distant future, when I drop at least one more. They are no longer serving me as a writer. If I’m being perfectly honest, one has never served me as a writer. It’s a good organization, but seems to benefit only a select few. I’d rather join a group that I can get something out of.

Conferences are falling into a weird gray area. They’re terrific for catching up with friends and mingling with writers you’ve always wanted to meet. They also tend to get the creative juices flowing…but not as much as they used to years ago. I’m sure part of it is me. I’ve changed quite a bit since I sold to New York and started self-publishing. My line in the sand of what I find acceptable has moved dramatically. I still think some conferences are worth going to. I’ll be heading to the Romantic Times Convention next year in New Orleans. I’m looking forward to going, since my Mom will be with me at least part of the time. And I’ll get to see some of my friends. I hope that they programming shifts more to an Indie angle, since I feel like I still have a LOT to learn. I suppose though that could be said about anything in writing and publishing. 🙂 Most writer conferences are stuck in the past. They’re still regurgitating the same information they were giving out ten years ago. The lack of change doesn’t bode well for their future.

As writers, we have to choose what’s best for ourselves. That information isn’t going to come out of any writer’s organization or at any conference. With the changes in publishing, we have to take a MUCH larger role in our careers, even if we go the agent route. These days they really are our PARTNERS in the publishing business. They should not dictate what you can and cannot do or suggest that you publish with them, instead of selling your work elsewhere. If you’re in a situation where that’s happening, then it’s time to find a new agent.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
Update On Naughty Book Covers

I received a letter today from Amazon. They are removing Atlantean’s Quest 3.5: Atlantean Heat from the ‘FILTERED’ room. Within 24 hours, it will no longer be hidden in searches. YAY!

So other than prepping RED to go off to the editor, I’m also looking at writing a Dead World novella (if I can ever think of a story) and some ‘AFTER HAPPILY EVER AFTER’ short stories that will go into a few of the Atlantean’s Quest novels before I release them in paperback. I thought it might be fun to see what some of the characters are up to in greater detail. The stories won’t be long, just enough to see a snippet of the characters’ lives. The Dark King may be a little different. It might contain two stories (haven’t decided yet). The plan is to release all the Atlanteans in paperback by the end of this year. That’s on top of releasing RED, SCARLET, CRIMSON, PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS (my first Brava novella), and MESMERIZED (my second Brava novella).

Should keep me busy. 🙂

Monday, September 23rd, 2013
Poke Around

I’ve uploaded the new covers for the Atlantean’s Quest series. I’m really pleased with how they came out. Hopefully Amazon will be, too and I’ll end up off the ADULT FILTERED naughty list. Can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but Atlantean’s Quest 3.5: Atlantean Heat was censored filtered because there was a sliver of boob showing. It was actually my favorite Atlantean cover. (See before and after examples below.)


I had no idea the book had been filtered until I checked on SALES RANK EXPRESS and saw the bright red ADULT stamped next to the title. When your book gets labeled as ADULT, it becomes practically unsearchable on Amazon. So you could type in Atlantean’s Quest and NEVER have Atlantean Heat show up in the search.

As you can imagine, finding my book on that list was disappointing, especially since it’s smack dab in the middle of my series. This seems to happen to Indie books more than traditionally published books. I did a search for some of the raciest writers I know and NONE of their books were labeled ADULT. Not fair, but no one ever said that life was.

What are you going to do? It’s Amazon’s playground. They can do whatever they want. It won’t stop me from doing business with them and it certainly won’t stop me from buying stuff from them. My solution to the situation was to have the entire Atlantean’s Quest series redesigned. I hope you like what the lovely Dar Dixon did as much as I do. 🙂

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

I finally finished the edits on RED. I am sending it off to have a couple people read it, then it’ll go to the editor for a final look. I cannot wait to have this book behind me. It started off at 88,000 words and now sits at a little over 94,000. Believe it or not, I chopped a lot! But I am the type of editor that always ends up with a higher word count than I started with, even if I cut fifty pages out of a book. I’ve learned to live with it. 😉

Anyway, Red will be released next month sometime. My guess is towards the end of the month. A perfect gift for Halloween. *ggg I will be releasing five titles over the next three months. The batch of releases will give me time to work on my next YA. I’m looking forward to it.

On a completely separate note, I picked FRIGID out of my TBR pile. I bought it after reading a recommendation in the Romantic Times Booklover’s Magazine. It’s the type of story that once you pick it up, it’s very difficult to put down. I was reading until three in the morning. I haven’t finished yet–thanks to the snail’s pace with which I read–but I am LOVING it. Jennifer Armentrout/J.Lynn is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, definitely check her out.