September 28th, 2013
And We’re Humming Along

I’m a few thousand words into Raphael’s novella and really enjoying the story. I think it’ll give readers a good look at how he became who he is today. I’ll be tackling Kane’s story once I get Raph’s novella finished. I am equally as excited to write his story. Again, it will give readers a glimpse at the man he was and who he became. Good stuff! I realized yesterday that I have a whole LOT of work to finish by the end of November. I have to get both the short story/novellas finished, write the snippet stories that show what’s happening to my Atlantean characters to go in the back of the paperback releases, edit the Kensington Bravas I got back, and get Red and Scarlet edited/released. Trying hard not to panic. Not working.

I know it’s all doable, but it’s still intense. I’m going to lose a week at the end of October because me and my mom are going to go play in Hawaii. I know it’s sad, but someone has to do it. 😉 *ggg

If all goes well, I will be releasing Red (in ebook, then paperback), Scarlet (in ebook, then paperback), Raphael, Kane, Private Investigations, The Arrival (in paperback), Exodus (in paperback), Redemption & Atlantean Heat & The Return (in a paperback anthology), and The Dark King (in paperback) by the end of November. I’ll release Mesmerized and Crimson in January. Much depends on how quickly I can get things formatted and Createspace samples delivered.

I just received the new cover for the Dark King. Wow! My designer has outdone herself. I LOVE IT! Will put it up soon. 🙂

I suppose that means I’d better get to work.

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