September 26th, 2013
Red Is Out The Door

Thanks to my wonderful Mom, I have now gotten feedback on the newest version of RED. For those of you who think that my Mom wouldn’t be hard on my work–THINK AGAIN! My Mom is a tough critic period. It doesn’t matter that I’m her daughter. She has no problem telling me when she doesn’t like something. Thankfully, she liked Red. She liked it so much that she said it made her want to immediately pick up Scarlet to see what happens next (even though she’s already read these books before). It’s the best compliment I could ask for. It also put pressure on me to make sure that Scarlet is the best book it can be. Sigh.

While we were discussing the book, I told her about some brainstorming issues I was having for a short story tie-in prequel. My Mom is so awesome that she actually came up with two ideas. Two good ideas. Now I have two shorts to write and I think they’ll tie in to the Dead World series nicely. Way to go Mom!

Now I’m off to write the prequels and begin edits on Scarlet. Wish me luck on the latter. I’m genuinely going to need it.

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