September 24th, 2013
Update On Naughty Book Covers

I received a letter today from Amazon. They are removing Atlantean’s Quest 3.5: Atlantean Heat from the ‘FILTERED’ room. Within 24 hours, it will no longer be hidden in searches. YAY!

So other than prepping RED to go off to the editor, I’m also looking at writing a Dead World novella (if I can ever think of a story) and some ‘AFTER HAPPILY EVER AFTER’ short stories that will go into a few of the Atlantean’s Quest novels before I release them in paperback. I thought it might be fun to see what some of the characters are up to in greater detail. The stories won’t be long, just enough to see a snippet of the characters’ lives. The Dark King may be a little different. It might contain two stories (haven’t decided yet). The plan is to release all the Atlanteans in paperback by the end of this year. That’s on top of releasing RED, SCARLET, CRIMSON, PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS (my first Brava novella), and MESMERIZED (my second Brava novella).

Should keep me busy. 🙂

2 comments to “Update On Naughty Book Covers”

  1. Getting them back into the regular Amazon searches will sure help sales. The covers are very well done.

  2. Bernard, Yes, it will help. It’s never good when your books become unsearchable. 🙁

    Thanks! I like the change. 🙂