October 30th, 2013

I know that I’ve dropped the ball on this blog. I will be removing the blog once I get my site redesigned, but that probably won’t happen this year. I do apologize for the radio silence. I just got back from Hawaii. My Mom and I went and had a great time. Oahu has changed tremendously since our last visit. We barely recognized the place. The people are still wonderfully warm, but this was probably our last time to visit. Honolulu has shifted its focus from water, sun and sand to high-end shopping. We found out the last little area clinging to the past (The International Marketplace) will be torn down at the end of the year to be replaced with more shops. The place already felt like one enormous mall. We don’t really go on vacation to have that experience. But I’m glad we went back. I’m glad we got to see it one more time.

I have TusCon coming up in a couple of weeks. If you happen to be in the Tucson area stop by the sci-fi/fantasy/horror conference. It’s not huge, but it’s a lot of fun.

I’ve edited Dead World Prequel: Kane and I’m working on Dead World Prequel: Raphael edits now. Red comes back from the copy editor on Saturday. I plan to do a VERY fast turnaround on those edits, so that I can send all three books off to my formatter. I still intend to release them in November. I’ll send a newsletter out once things are ready and uploaded.

Happy Halloween!

4 comments to “Crickets”

  1. That’s not a good change. : ( Hopefully Kuauii is still all scene and gorgeous, great for biking and hiking.

  2. No, it really wasn’t, Charli. It was disappointing. I was in Maui a couple of years ago. It was nothing like Oahu. There’s shopping there, but not on this kind of scale.

    From what the natives told us, this whole thing of new skyscrapers and endless shops has come about because of the shift in tourist dollars. People from the mainland are not coming to Hawaii like they used to, so Hawaiian developers are catering to Asian area tourists–particularly the Japanese. The Japanese LOVE to shop, especially brand names. (i.e. Chanel, Gucci, etc.) So Honolulu is changing to accommodate them. There were also a ton of Chinese, Australians, and New Zealanders there. It really was a big change. I actually enjoyed the mix of tourists, but I thought it was odd that they weren’t pushing what makes people come to Hawaii in the first place.

  3. I’m glad you had a good time in Hawaii with your Mom. The Internet’s not going away. 🙂 You’ll be just in time for the holiday season with the books.

  4. Bernard, Yeah, we had fun. Nope, the internet is not going away. And yes, at least three of the books will be ready in time for the holidays. People enjoy stories about werewolves ripping people apart around Christmas, don’t they? 😉 *g