December 4th, 2013
Mesmerized and Private Investigations

I just uploaded my two Kensington Brava novellas, Mesmerized and Private Investigations. These books were published in 2005. Private Investigations won the Lori Foster/Kensington Brava Reader’s Choice contest (Yes, I’m still surprised.) and has a Christmas theme. They’ll be available within a few days. I edited them using old .docs that I had. The late Kate Duffy didn’t make many changes to the original manuscripts. (That’s both good and bad.) I didn’t give myself a lot of time with them because I knew if I did, I’d end up rewriting them both. (My writing style has changed since I wrote these novellas.) I didn’t want to do that out of respect for the readers who enjoyed the original stories. 🙂

I’ve included the covers below. The buy links will go up the second they’re available.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00043]

On a completely separate note, Dh bought me the most amazing belated birthday gift. (It was supposed to arrive on time, but didn’t make it.) This will only get Doctor Who fans excited. I found out that Steven Moffat said the item was originally Captain Jack’s. Riversong ‘acquired’ it and repurposed it for herself. Squee!!!


2 comments to “Mesmerized and Private Investigations”

  1. Quite a surprise gift, and very unique. I hope releasing the novellas goes smoothly for you. I guess you’ll have to change the covers too, or do they allow you to keep them?

  2. Bernard, Yes, it was a big surprise. I had no idea that was coming. He saw me admiring it in the UK. He’s observant that way. 😉

    I hope so, too. They’re all uploaded, so I’ll have to check to see what is and isn’t available. It’s weird because RED and RAPHAEL still aren’t available on Apple. Yet, KANE is. So I have no idea how long it’ll Smashwords to get these two up there. The covers you see are the new covers for them. The original Bravas were Easter egg colored and cartoony. No way would they let me keep them. I had to make sure I worked from my own copies of these books. I was told there would be consequences if I didn’t.