January 1st, 2014
2014–A Look Back, While Gazing Forward

For the last week, I’ve been putting together a schedule of sorts for 2014. I wrote 140,000 words in 2013 and frankly that wasn’t nearly enough. I allowed edits of backlist titles to once again sidetrack me from new work. Yes, they had to get done, but not at the expense of new words. That is only one of the things I plan to address in 2014, but first I’d like to take a moment to look back on 2013.

2013 wasn’t a bad year for me, but it did its best to slaughter several of my friends. Two of which will continue to fight for their lives in the new year. I hope 2014 is kinder to them all.

Sales slipped from 2012, but I still came out pretty good overall. I relaunched my Dead World series and was reminded again about how poor of a marketer I am. I know there are authors who thrive on marketing/promo. I am NOT one of those people. Yes, I know I have to do it. I’ve made peace with that fact, but I don’t have to like it. That said, I plan to take a few classes to better understand what’s needed. Maybe it will make things easier.

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend much of the summer in the UK, where I got to do a lot of Doctor Who and Harry Potter things. It was lovely and I had a hard time leaving. Fortunately, they let me keep my wand and sonic screwdriver. 😉

The year ended with a pleasant surprise. I found out that a young adult novel I entered in a contest had finaled. It was wonderful news and totally unexpected given it was up against New Adult titles, too. It’s been sent off for final judging (an agent and an editor). I have no expectations, so we’ll just see what happens. 🙂

Now back to 2014. I’ve divided my writing schedule into quarters and have included the conferences I plan to attend. It’s going to be a conference heavy year–probably my last. I like going to them–especially when I get to see my friends–but these days I don’t get a lot out of them. And if I’m being perfectly honest, they cut into my writing time too much.

Here’s the year breakdown in a nutshell (things can change depending on what happens):

Since my first YA finaled in that contest, I’m going to take the time to go through it again. Even though I’ve had it professionally edited, I want to make sure the book shines. I’m also putting together another YA partial that I started a year or so ago. I want to have something different to present if needed. (These will all be written under a different pen name.) The first quarter does include a Moonlight Kin novella and perhaps a box set release. I’m still thinking about the latter. Not sure if it’s a good idea, since it’s been done to death.

Second quarter will see the launch of my Death Angels series and the release of Crimson (Book 3 of the Dead World). I’m also going to finish writing another young adult. I’ll be attending the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans and hopefully Phoenix ComiCon. I’ll have to wait to see if I’m invited to the latter.

Third quarter I plan to write another young adult novel and the third Moonlight Kin novel. I’m pretty sure that will keep me plenty busy. (Notice a theme?)

Fourth quarter will be spent writing a follow up to my Blood Lite 2 anthology story. I’m looking forward to diving back into noir urban fantasy. I may also experiment with a new genre this quarter, but it’ll depend on where I’m at in the schedule. If I do experiment, it will again be under a different pen name.

If everything goes well, I will write over 300,000 words in 2014. It WILL be a challenge, but it is doable. I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. 🙂

Hope your 2014 is happy, healthy, and filled with abundance.

4 comments to “2014–A Look Back, While Gazing Forward”

  1. An ambitious plan, but a good one and doable! Glad to hear you’re focusing on new work. : D One of the reasons I didn’t go to the effort of reclaiming rights on work I could *most of it, in fact* is because I didn’t want to invest a couple of years in revising, re-editing, re-releasing it all. I’d rather move on.

  2. Charli, Had I known it was going to take so long, I might not have. I understand after assessing the situation how you’d come to that decision. That said, I am glad I got the chance to tackle Red again. But now it’s time to explore new worlds. 🙂

  3. This will be an exciting year, my friend. This first quarter will be another big turning point.

  4. Bernard, For us both I’d say. 🙂 Here’s hoping things turn in the right direction. 😉