April 23rd, 2014
Last Chance

I’ve been busy trying to finish Moonlight Kin: Nic before I head off to the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. This means pretty much everything else has fallen to the wayside. I still have quite a ways to go before Nic will be done. I believe he’ll be worth the wait. 😉

Now to make a few announcements: Dead World 3: Crimson is currently being professionally scanned. Once I get the document back, it’s my intention to go through the manuscript and re-edit/rewrite it. The plan is to release it at the end of June…if all goes well. Right now, I am REALLY behind on my schedule. I am praying that somewhere along the line, I’ll be able to catch up so that I reach my year-end goals.

Moonlight Kin: Nic will come out next month. I’d hoped to get him out this month, but frankly, I don’t see how that can happen.

The third point of interest is that Love’s First Bite is up on MY ROMANCE READS today. This is the LAST CHANCE you have to pick up the anthology. As a group, we’ve decided to unpublish it on April 30th. So if you don’t get it now, it will NOT be available later.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

2 comments to “Last Chance”

  1. That’s too bad about the Anthology. It seemed to be selling remarkably well. Was it payment logistics that forced the un-publishing?

  2. Bernard, It is selling well. Not as good as we’d hoped, but definitely good.

    Yes and no. We haven’t split any payments yet at all. The money wasn’t the issue, but obviously the longer it was out the more the responsibilities would grow. We thought about leaving it up at a higher price, but everyone decided that it would be better to just take it down. It was less about earnings and more about wrangling everything.

    It’s something I’ll be keeping in mind the next time I participate in something like this.