May 22nd, 2014
Back From RT, Back To Work

Had a fun time in New Orleans, which is something I thought I’d never hear myself say. (I had a bad experience there years ago and vowed never to go back.) I’m glad I gave the city a second chance. Met up with a lot of authors. Some were friends. Some were acquaintances. All were nice to talk to. 🙂 Also encountered a lot of lovely local people, who helped change my mind about the city.

Now I’m back trying to get ready for Phoenix ComiCon. If you heard screaming and running around, that was just me panicking. ComiCon will be my last professional appearance for the year. I’d wanted to go to the Novelist Inc. conference in St. Pete, but we have a family wedding to attend.

Moonlight Kin 3: Nic is officially done. It’s sitting at 52,500 words, so nice medium length. I have the edits back and they’re finished. I plan to send him off to the formatter today. No idea how long it’ll take to get him back. My wonderful cover designer is currently constructing a Facebook ad and designing bookmarks for me to sign at ComiCon.

I tried to update my Goodreads’ page, but it wouldn’t let me. I wanted to change the status of one of my “To Read” books to “Read”. Not sure what’s happening there, but I hope they get it fixed. I get excited when I can change the status of my bookshelf, especially when it’s to get rid of something from my To Be Read pile.

I’ll begin designing my next newsletter today. Hopefully I’ll get it done by the end of the weekend. Fingers and toes crossed. If you haven’t signed up to receive it, now’s your chance. There will be sneak peeks inside the newsletter of things that won’t come out for a few months.

6 comments to “Back From RT, Back To Work”

  1. I just don’t get Goodreads. I get so lost on their site.
    Glad you had a nice time at RT.

  2. Nancy, I don’t really play on Goodreads. I just talk about the books I read and enjoy. 🙂

    Yeah, it was fun. Glad I went one last time.

  3. Goodreads has become nearly impossible to change content in. It used to be, if an author’s novel needed updating, or a cover change, it was easy. I’m hoping they fix the site. I worked in Baton Rouge during the spring and early summer of 1973. I visited New Orleans a few times. It was a rough place at night time.

  4. Bernard, This is the first time I’ve had trouble updating my reading list. It’s weird. I’ve never had this problem before. I have never attempted to update my own books on Goodreads, so no idea how hard that is. :-/

    I had a bad experience in New Orleans in the late eighties. It really soured my opinion of the place. I’m glad I went back. I think the architecture is great and the people were nice, but there’s definitely an odd atmosphere once the sun goes down. I received a lot of safety warnings from locals, so you know there’s an issue. I was never out very late. Wasn’t afraid to stay out late. It’s just not my thing anymore…especially when I don’t have my 6’2 Highlander with me. *ggg 😉

  5. You’re not going to be at NINC? I’ll miss you.

  6. No Sasha. I wish I were. I really wanted to attend, but my nephew is getting married days before it.