May 27th, 2014
Not Exactly How I Planned, But Oh Well

I uploaded MOONLIGHT KIN 3: NIC yesterday to all the websites. Imagine my surprise when Amazon and Barnes & Noble had it up within an hour. This wrecked my plan to leisurely send out my ENDLESS SUMMERS newsletter. I’ve spent the morning and all of my afternoon so far sending the newsletter out, updating my website, talking to reader sites about ads, and updating all the distributors with series’ info. Did I mention that I also started a writing class today? No? Well, I did. Silly me. *ggg

Anyway, I’m about to take a look at my writing class and finally get to my daily word count. In the meantime, meet Nic. My first “regular guy” hero. I kind of like the idea, so he won’t be my last. Below you’ll find the book cover and the blurb:

nic 250 x 400

Werewolf Nic La Croix has been nursing a bruised heart ever since he fell for his Alpha’s mate. The last thing he wants is to play white knight for a human female who has no business being in a shifter bar.

Mindy MacDougal has spent most of her life being her big sister’s keeper. Just once she’d like to do something for herself. When a night on the town takes a deadly turn, an unlikely hero comes to her rescue. One kiss is all it takes to draw her into Nic’s dark world. What will Mindy do when she finds out that the monster isn’t under her bed, he’s in it?

As an added enticement, I’ve put MOONLIGHT KIN 1: A WOLF’S TALE on sale for two weeks. So now is the time to get it before the price goes up. 🙂 AMAZON, B & N, and KOBO.

8 comments to “Not Exactly How I Planned, But Oh Well”

  1. He’s a hottie!

  2. Cool! Can’t wait to read it! Life does always tend to happen all at once in one large lump, doesn’t it? 🙂 At least you’re rolling with it and they are all good things 🙂

  3. Thanks Tina! I thought it was cute. 😉

  4. Tina, Thanks! Yes, it does. OMG! :-O Absolutely no choice, but to roll with it. *ggg

  5. LOVE the cover, and can’ t wait to read it. Enjoy the writing class! I’m looking for one to take as well. I want to be inspired. 🙂

  6. Sasha, Thanks! I have homework I’m going to have to work on tomorrow after I get back from getting a haircut. 🙂

  7. Woo, Nic is niiiice! Yay class.

  8. Thanks Charli! I’m glad he’s finally out and able to join the others. 🙂