May 10th, 2014
Off To The Romantic Times Convention In New Orleans

I’m packed. Moonlight Kin: Nic is edited. It will be proofed in two weeks, then it’s off to the formatter. I will let you know a release date as soon as I have a better idea of how long formatting will take.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. All my friends are coming, so I am excited to see them. It’s been a while since I’ve seen several of them. My mom is joining me for a few days before the conference starts. Really looking forward to exploring the graveyards, eating beignets, and going on ghost tours with her. (My love of monsters had to come from somewhere. 😉

I’ll be tweeting quite a bit I’m sure, but probably won’t post much for obvious reasons. I am currently fiddling with three different books (Archangels of Punishment: Death Angel, Moonlight Kin: Tristan, and Hawk’s Slave) to see which one takes off. I’m also working my way through Dead World 3: Crimson edits/rewrites. It should be out by the end of June. Yes, I plan to meet a minimum daily word count while I’m away.

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