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Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
Crimson Edits Keeping Me Busy

There hasn’t been a lot of excitement happening around here as of late. I think the Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf’s Tale’s sale went pretty well. My goal was to get some visibility, which I think I did. I’m still working on better ways to raise my profile. I admit that it does not come naturally to me, but these days it’s part of the job. Crimson edits are coming along. I still have a lot to go. What I have realized once again is that CRIMSON is NOT a standalone book. RED and SCARLET are, but not the final book. I’ve tried to make it more so, but I can only do so much given all that’s occurred in the first two books. I’ll make sure it’s posted with the blurb.

One I get Crimson off to the proofreader, it’ll be time to get back to work on Hawk’s Slave (a Phantom Warriors’ story) and Moonlight Kin 4: Tristan. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Today Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf’s Tale is being featured on BookSends. YAY! The sale ends on June 11th, so get it from Booksends while you can. 🙂

Apple, Kobo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Thursday, June 5th, 2014
Off To Phoenix Comicon–Stan Lee & Nathan Fillion Lookout Here I Come

Today I’m heading to Phoenix Comicon to set up my booth. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take long. I’ve purchased photo ops with Stan Lee and Nathan Fillion. They were the two that I wanted to meet most. There were others, but it would’ve been too pricey. I have a couple of panels that I’ll be speaking at this con: Evening Erotica on Friday evening and Star Wars, Star Trek & The Terminator All Had It–What Is It? on Saturday. If you’re coming to the Con, stop by and say hello. I promise I won’t bite…unless provoked. 😉

Monday, June 2nd, 2014
Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf’s Tale Featured On My Romance Reads

I’m so excited that MOONLIGHT KIN 1: A WOLF’S TALE is being featured on MY ROMANCE READS today. It’s still .99, which is a savings of $2.51 off the regular price. Next week the price will go back up, so get it while it’s hot. 😉