June 25th, 2014
Crimson Edits Keeping Me Busy

There hasn’t been a lot of excitement happening around here as of late. I think the Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf’s Tale’s sale went pretty well. My goal was to get some visibility, which I think I did. I’m still working on better ways to raise my profile. I admit that it does not come naturally to me, but these days it’s part of the job. Crimson edits are coming along. I still have a lot to go. What I have realized once again is that CRIMSON is NOT a standalone book. RED and SCARLET are, but not the final book. I’ve tried to make it more so, but I can only do so much given all that’s occurred in the first two books. I’ll make sure it’s posted with the blurb.

One I get Crimson off to the proofreader, it’ll be time to get back to work on Hawk’s Slave (a Phantom Warriors’ story) and Moonlight Kin 4: Tristan. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

2 comments to “Crimson Edits Keeping Me Busy”

  1. That’s the truth. Name recognition and a high profile are key ingredients in this incredibly competitive market. They don’t come easy, and can be gone in a flash. It’s a new writing world now. 🙂 There seems to be no place for reclusive writers anymore.

    You’re right. It’s very difficult to write a series and make them stand alone books, while still holding on to the familiarity thread needed to make a successful series.

  2. Bernard, It’s definitely a new writing world. There’s still a place for reclusive writers, but most are already established. 😉 I have a few things I plan to try, which include launching new pen names with very specific types of writing behind them. We’ll see what happens. *g

    Making Crimson a standalone is pretty much impossible. I’m juggling too many character story lines and they’re all in different locations in the book. I’ve fed as much as I can into the story without major info dumps, but that’s the best I can do. I’m going to be very happy when these edits are finished.