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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
Dead World 3: Crimson–The Wait Is Over

It has taken a while, but Dead World 3: Crimson is finally here and making its way through cyber-space. I’ve uploaded it to Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. I have no idea how long it will take for it to show up at the iBookstore, so keep your eyeballs peeled. 😉 The paperback version has been uploaded, but won’t be out for another week or so. I’ve also uploaded the paperback versions of Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf’s Tale, Moonlight Kin 2: Aidan’s Mate, and Moonlight Kin 3: Nic.

I’m in the process of having the Phantom Warriors’ covers redesigned. Don’t know when they’ll be done. We’re still working hard to come up with something different, but we’re definitely off to a fabulous start. 🙂

Other than that, I’m just working on Hawk’s Slave (a Phantom Warriors’ novella). As soon as I’m finished with Captain Hawk, I’ll get back to work on Moonlight Kin 4: Tristan. They’re both turning out to be quite the scoundrels. *ggg

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
Taking Down Backlist Books

I’ve been thinking about my backlist lately. Probably because I just finished editing Dead World 3: Crimson. Crimson marks the final book in my backlist that I have the rights back on. It took a LOT of work to get it into better shape. (Note: Not great shape, but better.) Having done so much work on the book, it’s made me want to take a look at my other titles. What I’ve known for a while discovered is that there are books that were professionally published that I no longer feel comfortable having on my list. (i.e. SELLING TO READERS)

I know that I can be hard on my work. Far harder than the most vicious reviewer. (Believe me, your worst doesn’t even come close to touching my inner writing demons. Mine would make the devil quake.) That said, there are a few books in my backlist that I feel no longer represent me well. When I wrote them, I certainly did the best I could with the knowledge I had. But I know more now. I don’t like the idea of an unsuspecting reader picking up one of these books and thinking that it’s a good representation of me as a writer.

In this VERY competitive market, I don’t believe any writer can afford to make a bad impression. It’s okay if a reader doesn’t like your book. That’s just part of the game. That’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about books that do not showcase your talents. This does not necessarily mean older books. I have some older books that I wrote that are no longer my style, but I still find them entertaining. I feel perfectly comfortable leaving them up for readers to try. If they get the spirit of what I was trying to do and they’re entertained, then I’m happy.

When I first started self-publishing my backlist, the goal was to get everything up. Not a bad goal, but not a smart publishing strategy. The way I originally looked at the big picture was that these books had been professionally published so therefore they were fine to be republished by me. It’s not that I was wrong, but my logic was flawed. I was going for volume and grateful that I had a big enough backlist to do so, but I should’ve considered other things along the way like: Does this book represent me well as a writer? Does this book tie into my goals? Does this book fit with my other releases?

The answer is no. Some of my books do not fit that criteria, which means it’s time to clean house. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be removing some of my titles. Not a lot, but a few I don’t believe represent me well. It’s all part of my bigger plan to organize my writing career. Put my best foot forward so to speak. I appreciate your patience and understanding. This hasn’t been an easy decision for me to make.

Monday, July 7th, 2014
Why I’ve Stayed Out Of The Publishing Fight Until Now…

Like a lot of people online (and off), I’ve been following the Hachette Vs. Amazon fight. I’ve not chosen sides because to me it’s like watching Target fight with Walmart. They’re both big. They both have a lot of money. The fight is evenly matched, though one tries to make itself seem like an underdog. (Because let’s face it, everyone likes to cheer for the underdog in any fight.) But the truth is that both these companies are worth BILLIONS. They don’t need our help in this fight, which is why I find it distressing that so many authors are signing petitions.

I’m particularly upset that the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s of America is urging its members to sign up against Amazon. I’d been on the fence about renewing my membership to SFWA. They’ve never really been particularly good for fantasy writers, especially women fantasy writers, but this latest move tipped me over the edge. I cannot support an organization that is not looking out for ALL its members.

One of my friends has lost the buy link to her book on Amazon because of this business negotiation. And that’s really what this is A BUSINESS NEGOTIATION. Do you think that will stop me from buying her book when it comes out? Hell no! I’ll go wherever I have to in order to get it. Does this affect her preorders? Absolutely! Her PUBLISHER should take that into consideration. Will they? Doubtful. That’s just how traditional publishing works.

I like Amazon and I like traditional publishing. I get paid better by Amazon, but by no means do I think they are perfect. I want EVERYONE to stay in business. It’s why I also sell my books on Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Once I get everything prepared, I’ll also sell my books on Google Play. Diversification is the key. I go where the readers are and I’ll use any means at my disposal to reach them. Readers don’t care about who publishes the books. All readers care about is if they can get the quality books they want for an affordable price. Hell, that’s all “I” care about when I buy books. And I buy a LOT of books every year.

I don’t think authors are doing themselves any favors by jumping into this fight. And no one should be urging readers to jump into this mess. We are in the entertainment industry. Do I want to make a living from my work? Absolutely. It’s my job to write the best book I can, ensure it’s produced professionally, and then make sure as many readers as possible can find it. That’s it! Rinse and repeat. I’ll leave everything else to the heavy weights, since they’re the ones who have the time, legal departments, and deep enough pockets to truly do battle.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
Disappointed To Hear About Bookshow.Me

Not sure how many of you know what Bookshow.Me was but it’s gone out of business. I’m actually bummed about their demise because they had a terrific service. What they did was redirect your Amazon links based on where you were buying from. What I mean by that is say someone from Germany came to my website and wanted to buy Moonlight Kin 1: A Wolf’s Tale. If they clicked on my buy link, which at the time had Bookshow.Me in it, then they would automatically be rerouted to the German Amazon store. No need for extra links or clicks. It was terrific for readers. Anyway, I just went through and changed ALL the links on my site. Yes, that was fun. Not! They should be all updated now. Should being the keyword. I CANNOT say the same for all the links in the backs of my AMAZON books. I’m pretty sure most (if not all) are tied to the Bookshow.Me site. Sigh. &$%#!

I apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience this has caused to my readers. I will try to get the books updated, but it’ll take time…and probably a lot of money.

Have a great Fourth of July for those who celebrate it. Everyone else, enjoy your Friday. 🙂