January 15th, 2015
What The Frak!

Lately I’ve been keeping my head down, working on craft, and trying to finish a horror short story. (Mission accomplished on the last part.) Whether it will see the light of day is anyone’s guess, but I did my best. Anyhoo, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. On a couple of lists I belong to, there’s been a lot of conversations about indie authors versus traditionally published authors. Since I’m both, I don’t tend to join in. I can understand the excitement that comes from indie publishing. The rules have been tossed out the window, you don’t have any gatekeepers (not necessarily a good thing), and you reap whatever profits you make (always a good thing). Everything is AWESOME…or so the movie says. Which is why I don’t understand why some indie authors attack traditionally published authors and their publishing houses (Yes, I’m aware that it was just the opposite a few years ago. Some traditionally published authors did verbally attack the indies. That doesn’t make it right.). This is not a THEM vs. US game. It NEVER has been. Perhaps it’s to someone’s advantage for us to believe so, but it’s simply not true. Thinking it is frankly shows your immaturity and lack of experience. I certainly don’t want the publishing houses to fail. That would be VERY bad for indie authors. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

I chose to go Indie a few years ago because I was at a crossroads and didn’t know what I wanted to write. I’m glad that I did, but I did not choose indie to ‘stick it to N.Y.’ That kind of thinking is childish and bad for my business. That’s right, the first decision to go indie may have been made out of confusion, but the rest are business based. Now I know part of this division is due to what occurred between Amazon and N.Y., but not all of it. I think the bulk comes from fear. Fear that we’ve made a wrong decision–no matter what side we come down on in the debate. It’s time to let go of the fear and get back to standing together. Everything else is a waste of energy.

Speaking of getting back to it, I have a book to chart out and write. Carry on.

2 comments to “What The Frak!”

  1. Well said, girl! I’m always amazed when authors go head to head over this stuff. We’re all just trying to write good books and make a living doing what we love!!!

  2. Tina, I am, too. I genuinely think most of it stems from fear. People on both sides of the issue are so worried that they’re making a mistake that they attack instead of talk. It’s sad. It’s either that or we’ve both been in this rodeo for so long that we know the score. LOL! 😉