February 27th, 2015
Mourning Spock

I heard the news today that Leonard Nimoy had died. I’ve always been a big fan of Spock. He was my favorite Star Trek character. Was lucky enough to see him at comicon. Because of that, I looked into the man behind the character. What I found was even more fascinating. He was poet, a singer, a fan of literature, and art of all kinds. His interest made him a Renaissance man in the true sense of the term. What surprised me though, was the depth of sadness I felt after hearing of his passing. I have spent the last few hours crying on and off. I realize that’s silly. I didn’t know the man personally. We weren’t friends. Yet, I feel like the world lost something important today–someone important. The character he played represented so much more than what was gleaned from the movies and television shows. In many ways, he represented the ideal future. He was what we hoped we’d be if given the chance to travel to the stars. I love that his last tweet was poetic and ended with Live Long and Prosper. I think that was rather fitting for the man and the iconic character he created through the writing of Gene Roddenberry. I’ll miss you, Mr. Nimoy. Goodbye Mr. Spock.

2 comments to “Mourning Spock”

  1. I cried, too. Not because I’d ever met him, but because of all the hope and big ideas Star Trek represented and because I worry that we no longer have a generation who believes we can do big things.

    We put a man on the moon when I was a kid, and now all the astronauts are dying along with our space program. When one of my kids heard an astronaut speak a couple of years ago he made the statement that soon nobody would be left alive who had been to the moon.

    And now we’re telling the current generation that they can learn to code and build a video game, which is just not the same, dammit. We need big ideas and people working together to carry them out. We can still do big things. Leonard Nimoy and the iconic character he brought to life helped me believe that as a kid.

  2. Charli,

    You bring up very good points. There was something extremely hopeful about all the Star Trek shows/movies. I agree with you about the generation losing sight of space exploration.

    That’s heartbreaking. 🙁

    I hear you!!!