April 22nd, 2015
One Of Those Days

I just wrote up a long post and it completely disappeared. No idea how or why. I was going to try to duplicate it, but to be honest, I have to get some real writing done. So I’ll give you a quick summary, you’ll notice a new Sumome pop up on my website to encourage visitors to sign up for my newsletter. (Thank you Tim Grahl for the heads up on this product and for helping me be a little less sucktastic when it comes to marketing my books.) I’ve made a change to my ENDLESS SUMMERS’NEWSLETTER, so that when you sign up you immediately receive a FREE READ in PDF of HEAT OF THE NIGHT. (You get other free reads following the initial one, but they come in the third Welcome Letter. 😉

Anyway, that’s all my news for now. On the reading front, I’m working my way through a Vanguards box set by Tina Folsom. So far I’m really enjoying it. (Confession time: I’ve already read Samson’s Lovely Mortal, but I decided to re-read it since it’s been a while. Up next will be Amaury’s Hellion (bk 2).

4 comments to “One Of Those Days”

  1. Hey Jordon, so glad to see I got you using SumoMe!

    And for the losing posts thing… I’ve definitely been there. I’ve changed to writing locally in an app called ByWord and then publish it to the blog. This keeps the internet imps from randomly eating my blog posts.


  2. I write everything in word before copying and pasting into a post or even a comment. Losing a complete post to the digital void wipes out more than a few words. It can cause loss of mental acuity for at least fifteen minutes while mourning the loss. 🙂

  3. Tim, I think I’m going to have to switch. I would’ve repeated the post, but it was full of so many links–including one to your book, Your First 1000 Copies that I just couldn’t do it. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  4. Bernard, I think I’m going to have to do something because man, that sucked!!!