April 16th, 2015
Writing and Updating Material

I decided a while back to send ALL my books to a proofreader–even the ones that had been published by New York. It’s been a SLOW ongoing expensive process, but I’m finally down to the last two books. It is disheartening to see how many mistakes she’s been able to find, especially in my professionally published books. I expect one or two, but each manuscript has been way more than that. Nothing that would ruin the reader’s enjoyment, but stuff that makes me cringe like someone scratched a chalkboard.

I’ve been uploading them. Well, most of them. There are still a few that I’m not sure I am going to republish. I think I need to read through them again and see how I feel about the books. If after re-reading them I still don’t think they’re representative of my work, then I’ll keep them unpublished. (And that includes one that was professionally published.)

Anyway, there’s a lot going on IRL right now, so I’ll probably continue to be fairly quiet. Just know that I am working on new stuff, while I wade through the old.

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