January 8th, 2016

I know I’m not the only one who cannot believe that it’s 2016 already. 2015 was a whirlwind. Much happened in my personal life–most of which was good, but still quite stressful. It has taken a while to regain my footing and find my friggin’ mojo.

I’ve been silent a long time. Part of my silence comes from a case of severe burnout that started last summer and continued through December. I know that’s not something most readers want to hear about. Writers are supposed to write and keep everything else to themselves, but truth is truth. While suffering through the crippling burnout, I took the time to reassess my career, my life, my plans. You get the picture. I think it’s important to do that from time to time. Take a look around at your life and ask yourself what aspects of it brings you joy. If very little of it does, then it’s time to make some changes.

It’s definitely time for me to make some changes, especially if I want to stay sane in this tumultuous publishing climate. (And I do want to stay sane. *gggg)

What does this mean for you dear readers?

It means I’m going to try to finish up my dangling series. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging and I certainly don’t want to disappoint anyone. I have no release dates to post. I am SO over busting my butt to try to get books finished fast. The physical cost is too much given the return. I have no idea how long the books will be or how long they’ll take to write. At this point, I’m just concentrating on writing. I am not pushing myself. I found out what happens when I do that and it wasn’t pretty. No doubt the flames can still be seen from space.

As of this writing, I am working on Pit Fighters: Control. I’d written 13K last year, but I just scrapped the entire storyline and started over a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t like where it was going and frankly, I didn’t like the heroine. Luckily, I like the new one a lot. We’ll see if that helps get the proverbial ball rolling. 🙂 Once I get things wrapped up the way I want with the various series, I’m going to step away from romance for a while to write in other genres. After thirty-five or so books, I think that’s okay to do.

I always appreciate hearing from readers (TRULY), but writing me every few weeks and demanding to know where the books are does not help ease the pressure I feel. Keep that in mind, before you fire off an email. 😉

I appreciate your patience and understanding. Enjoy the New Year!


August 18th, 2015
Heading Back Across The Pond

I hope everyone is having a good August. I’ve been trying to stay cool. I’ll get a break from the heat when I head across the pond. Looking forward to hanging in London town. Have a safe rest of the summer. XO Jordan

August 2nd, 2015
Fallon’s Fall Interview For Kate Hill’s Compelling Beasts Blog

Check out the interview I did for Fallon’s Fall on Kate Hill’s Compelling Beasts Blog.

Fallon’s Fall is officially released and available at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

June 25th, 2015
Strolling In London

I love London in the summertime. You never really know what you’re going to get weather-wise in the UK, but when it’s nice, it’s genuinely beautiful. It isn’t until I get here that I realize how much I miss dappled lawns, ancient trees, cool breezes, playful fountains, and birds chirping. And although Londoners will rush by you (they’re always in a hurry), they’re quick to chat and laugh when engaged. It’s a genuine friendliness that I find refreshing.

There’s just something about this old, yet futuristic city that draws people from around the world. It certainly draws me again and again. It’s no wonder that two of my upcoming books have this barking, brilliant city as their backdrop. How does that old saying go? If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.

I can’t imagine ever being tired of London. Enjoy your summer.

June 17th, 2015
Been A Long Time

I promise I will get better at blogging. I know I’ve said that before, but I do mean it. I’m in the process of redesigning my website. It’s slow going because frankly I have no idea what I’m doing. LOL! Sigh. Hopefully once it’s done things will level out. In the meantime, if you want to know about upcoming books, events, and/or free reads, it’s best to sign up for my newsletter. I’m not one of those authors who send out a newsletter a month (shocker, I know). I only send them out when I have announcements to make or free reads to share.

Anyway, I’m currently in London, England. Really enjoying the change of scenery, the weather (stop laughing), and all the crazy accents. I’ve been coming here for years. It’s interesting to hear the change in the local London accent that’s taken place in the last ten years. It’s now this odd combination of typical British mixed with immigrant. What I mean by that is it’s English, but like anyone familiar with the south and New York in the states, there’s a distinctive accent change. In this case, it’s like the typical British accent has become flavored with the mix of immigrant accents that have joined the soup that is London. It’s especially prevalent in the young males of all races running about the capital. It’s going to be interesting to see how the ‘sound’ changes in another ten years. I feel like I’m fortunate to be witnessing the change in a language firsthand. Quite fascinating.

On a completely different note, I was in Foyles’ bookstore yesterday (A fantastic five story bookstore near the heart of London’s theater district.) and picked up a ‘Improve Your Handwriting’ book. Like a lot of people these days, I don’t do much long-hand writing outside of editing my books. Because of that my handwriting has become atrocious. We’re talking shaming doctors’ prescription scribbles here. I’m pretty sure five year olds could do better and a lot of them aren’t even being taught to write anymore. I don’t like that, so I’ve decided to work on improving it, if for no other reason than to be able to read my own notes. Snort!

While I’m here, I am also going through the partials in my dropbox account. I know I did this a few months back, but that was to see how old the ideas were. This time I wanted to count how many partials I have written. There are currently 27 partials sitting on my computer. They range from a page to over 15K in length. For those without an author decoder ring on, that’s 27 books that I’ve started and haven’t finished yet. :-O

Today I plan on plotting a few of those stories. I noticed while going through them that I have large chunks of the plots done on some, but they’re missing a few vital pieces that prevent me from finishing them. (I used to write by the seat of my pants (and can still at a push), but I find the stories are much stronger if I take the time to plot.) That doesn’t mean that the stories won’t change once I get the plot done. They often do. I read something the other day that Ilona Andrews wrote about her/their writing process. She said that her plots don’t change because for her storytelling is a dictatorship. What she says, goes. I LOVED that. But my brain don’t always work that way. Of course, that’s probably why her stories are so frickin’ amazing. 🙂 Anyway, those are my plans. Once I get a decent amount done on them, I’ll work on craft. Show vs. Tell here I come. *ggg

May 12th, 2015
Busy Editing a Short Horror Story and Writing After The HEA’s

I began the next group of After the HEA’s (newsletter subscribers know what I mean). I wrote a little over 2K on Bacchus and Carrie, but I’m not done yet. Had no idea their After the HEA would turn out to be so…heartbreaking. For those who think I planned it that way, I got news for you. I didn’t know it was going to go that way until I started writing. Surprise! The rough draft should be done tomorrow. If I can get it edited, it will go out in the newsletter. Stay tuned!

I’m also editing a horror story I wrote. I think it’s okay, but I’m a little worried it is skating a cliche. Either that or I’m trying to subconsciously re-write Cinderella without all that prince charming and HEA stuff. LOL! Sigh.

Forgot to add, I’m currently reading Larissa Ione’s Azagoth Demonica book. It says it’s a novella, but that’s a lie. It’s actually a category length novel(Think Harlequin size.), which for readers is a GREAT THING!!! This story ROCKS! Oh, did I forget to mention that’s it’s ONLY .99? AHHH!!!! I love Larissa’s writing, always have. (Us gritty paranormal girls have to stick together.) I also think she’s a cool chick. With Azagoth’s story, Larissa has outdone herself. Words cannot describe. Go! Pick up this story! Savor it! I dare you not to drool.

May 10th, 2015
The Sci-Fi Romance is Done

I finished writing the sci-fi romance novella today that will be in the upcoming Across the Universe anthology. The story came out a lot different than I expected, but I’m happy with it. The reunion story is sexy and oddly sweet. We’ll see what the second pair of eyes think. Although I’ve put together a writing schedule, I’m not sure if I am going to stick to it. As much as I’d like to jump right into the next Pit Fighter book, I think I need to write in another genre for a while. (i.e. not romance) I want my brain to be fresh when I come back to Pit Fighters: Control and the only way to do that is to work on something else, something different from my last five books. I hope you understand.

On the reading front, I’ve been getting through a lot of books, but I can tell a wave of dissatisfaction is about to hit. When that happens, I have to start re-reading old favorites. I know, so much suffering. LOL! 😉 Hope everyone is having a Happy Mother’s Day.