Atlantean’s Quest 3.5: Atlantean Heat

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Digital • November 4, 2003
Atlantean’s Quest
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Atlantean's Quest: Fall From Grace
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Cassandra yearns for more than the planet Zaron and the Atlantean people can offer her, so she hitches a ride to Earth determined to create her own destiny. She will do anything to find her true-mate, even pretend to be human.

Brady ‘Buzz’ Rittner is a jaded ex-astronaut who doesn’t believe in love and has given up his dreams of returning to space. On the road to self-destruction, he encounters an ethereal woman on a beach whose secrets just may save his life.

As Cassandra tries to heal the wounds of Buzz’s past, she fears that once he learns the truth he’ll turn his back on her—turn his back on the last chance he has to fulfill his darkest desires and most fervent dreams. Pride is the only thing preventing Buzz from getting everything he wants. If he doesn’t act fast, he’ll lose Cass—the one thing he really needs.

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Atlantean’s Quest — The Story Behind the Series

The Atlantean’s Quest series came about because I wanted to write a story about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. I kept thinking about the way the Bermuda Triangle used to mess with radio signals and instruments when boats and planes passed through it. As a kid, the Bermuda Triangle used to scare the daylights out of me because people disappeared. I decided to combine the two places for my story. I asked myself what would cause a similar disruption on the island of Atlantis and came up with the idea of malfunctioning transport crystals. I made them the reason behind the destruction of Atlantis.

At this stage, I knew my Atlanteans weren’t going to be on an island or near an ocean since that setting had already been used multiple times. So I stuck my characters in a jungle-thanks to the malfunctioning crystals-and made them a mythical tribe that frightened the local natives. I decided that they lived primitively, but had great powers due to their lineage and advanced civilization. I didn’t realize they were an alien race until I finished the first book, THE ARRIVAL. Even planned books have surprises pop up.


I must say that I am enjoying Jordan Summers’s Atlantean series. ATLANTEAN HEAT certainly adds a dash more color and flavor to this tantalizing tale. Buzz and Cassandra sizzle off the pages with sex scenes so hot, I think my fingertips got singed while I turned the pages. However, ATLANTEAN HEAT also contains emotion and a good backdrop for Buzz and Cassandra’s relationship. I truly enjoyed this EC quickie and look forward to reading more about the Atlantean people.–Sinclair Reid/Romrevtoday

Jordan Summers has done it again! She has delivered us a novella with the same richly rewarding reading experience as all of her other books. Wickedly delicious passionate scenes, with impressive imagery that will have the reader glued to the pages as it all unfolds. Another book by Ms. Summers that is a must read in this Atlantean’s Quest series.--ROMANCE JUNKIES

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Note for Readers: This excerpt contains adult content intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.

The humans were beginning to awake. A few had stumbled onto the beach, shattering the tranquility of the moment with their huffing and puffing. Cassandra had no idea why they were running. From what she could see, no predator chased them. Obviously one of the strange behaviors they naturally displayed. Dressed in strange baggy clothing, a few glanced her way, eyeing her flight suit as if it were an unusual sight.

After they’d left, Cassandra reached into the sack and rummaged around until she’d located her deciphering unit. She needed to find a place to stay, since the beach was not an option. She held the unit next to her head, much like how the communication device worked, and then pictured the object she wanted to locate.

The device buzzed a second later, flashing the words, hotel and motel across the screen. Ah, shelter was in a hotel or motel. She hoped . Cassandra had no idea which direction to travel in, so she decided to follow the next human who ran past.

Currently the beach was unoccupied, except by her. She glanced at the water once more, the vast openness calling to her, daring her to enter its depths. Cassandra stood. There was no sense resisting what was inevitable. Stripping off her flight suit, she faced the ocean. Her naked flesh puckered under the cool air, as she relished its cold-fingered touch.

With one last look up and down the beach to ensure no one was around, Cassandra raced into the surf with a reckless abandon that harkened to her childhood. The cool water momentarily took her breath away. Around Atlantis, the water had been warm, almost year around. It took Cassandra a couple of minutes to adjust to the change. The frothy brine lapped at her skin as she dove headfirst into an oncoming wave.

* * * * *

Buzz Rittner jogged harder on the wet sand. Anger surged through him as he recalled his commander’s orders. You will take a leave, effective immediately. He figured he was the only Ground Training Officer at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar to ever be forced into a leave. He growled in frustration and ran harder. His attitude as of late hadn’t been the best. He knew was a tough man to train under, but he hadn’t thought he’d been that bad.

Damn them all! If he hadn’t thought it would please them so much, he’d take the retirement he had coming and leave the station. The bastards.

He pushed on, eating up miles on the sand. Malibu was gorgeous this time of the morning, no people, only sand, ocean, and the naked blonde who’d just broke through the surf in front of him.

Naked blonde? Where in the hell had she come from?

Buzz came close to tripping when she turned her head to stare at him with those striking blue eyes of hers. Still quite a few yards away, he knew there’d been no mistake. Her eyes were the brightest blue he’d ever seen, the color of the ocean, when he’d viewed it from space.

He glanced over his shoulder to ensure there wasn’t another runner behind him. They were alone. His muscles tightened in awareness as he neared what he could now see to be the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. His gaze traveled down the length of her, taking in her slim waist and perfect navel, before zeroing in on her world-class breasts. Her rose-colored nipples alone were enough to give him erotic dreams for a month.

She didn’t have movie star looks, like most of the women in Los Angeles . Hers was an earthy beauty, one that didn’t need makeup or surgery to create. She had a wide full mouth that held a hint of color, he knew instinctively had not come from a tube. Her height was impressive, damn near six feet, give or take an inch, if where the surf hit her was any indication. He was suddenly glad he’d reached six foot five. She was lush, her curves round and firm, made for exploring. The woman was like sex un-bottled.

Buzz’s cock leapt to attention. Thank god, for baggy sweats. He debated whether to stop as he got closer, but the truth was the last thing he needed was an entanglement. He had enough problems, without adding a woman, albeit a beautiful naked woman into the mix. But damn, he was tempted—oh, so tempted.